⚫ Chapter 33⚫

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I made a map and I know it's really crappy but hopefully it gives you some sort of idea what Regnum Aqua looks like :)

Sunday, December 16

"Are you guys ready?" I asked the boys. We all stood outside of Elias and Jasper's pack house getting ready to make our way towards the castle. It was currently 3am in the morning.

"Yup, let's head on over," Jasper exclaimed.

Once we arrived at the castle, I immediately noticed the two guards. I had completely forgotten about them. All of a sudden out stepped a Mateo with a satchel situated over his body. He talked briefly with the guards before making his way over towards us. He then walked with us to the bridge to bid us farewell.

"Um, maybe it was a bad idea to meet in front of the castle. I mean the guards saw us. Aren't they going to tell Sebastian?" I inquired.

"Everyone, including Sebastian, will find out eventually. It doesn't really matter," he responded.

"Oh, ok."

"You guys should probably get going so let me make this fast," he exclaimed before removing the satchel from his body.

"What's in there?" Nathan asked.

"Leilani's blood supply, a sword, your map, and something else. First, here is your blood supply." Mateo pulled out a small shiny silver box.

"B-But, it's so tiny, how can that be my blood supply?"

"It's called Exigua Copia. It's in its miniature size right now, but all you have to do is place it in water, wait for about twenty seconds and it will expand to its regular size. Don't worry about the amount, I made sure that I gave you lots of blood. You won't run out."

He handed me the tiny silver box. I looked at it in awe. "Wow, uh thanks."

"Here's your sword. It also expands too. You may or may not use it, but if you ever do, just squeeze the handle and the blade becomes bigger," he said before giving it to me.

"Here's your map. It's a brief idea of what Regnum Aqua looks like. It will only show you how to get to the portal. Once you enter each domain, you are on your own. Just use your judgement and stick together."

"And last, but not least: Linker Metis. It's quite obvious you're not able to mind link with werewolves. You were human and now you are a Vampire. Nothing has changed. Also Nathan obviously can't mind link Elias or Jasper because he is from a different pack. These earrings will allow you to communicate with them as you would regularly."

"Oh my gosh!" I sighed in awe as he placed them in my hands.

"That is incredible," Jasper exclaimed.

"Thank you so much Mateo!"

"Anytime. Now for you guys, all I have to do is drop this special liquid onto your wrist and once you shift into your wolf, Leilani will be able to hear you 'talk' in her head and you will not only be able to mind link each other, but also have a full blown conversation in your head. It might be a bit weird at first, but you will get used to it. It will wear off the night you get back."

I watched Mateo pull out this small tiny bottle and drop this weird vaporizing liquid onto each of the boy's wrist.

"So you're a witch," Jasper exclaimed.

"No, I am not," he chuckled. "Now you guys better get going. I need to go back and prepare myself for Sebastian's wrath to come later this morning. Be safe and have fun."

After saying our last final goodbyes, the boys and I started to travel across the bridge. The star shone brightly and casted it's reflection onto the water. Once we finally made it back to ground, I turned around to wave at Mateo once last time. I watched him turn around and walk away.

"Alright guys, we are on our own now. Let's go."

"Just give us a second," Jasper exclaimed before walking into the forest.

"Where is he going?"

"We're shifting," Nathan added.

"Right, uh I knew that." They're werewolves Leilani. Duh. I watched both Nathan and Elias follow Jasper's lead. It was dark and to be honest, I didn't want to be alone.


They both turned around to look at me. "Uh, do you guys mind if I..."

"Come on. Just close your eyes... only if you want to," Nathan laughed. Elias slapped Nathan on the back. "I'm just kidding!" he responded while rubbing his back.

I shielded my eyes while Elias directed me into the forest. "Please hurry!" I exclaimed.

Once the shuffling stopped, I slowly removed my hands from my eyes. I then opened the right eye to make sure they were finished shifting. To my surprise Esteavo, Milo, and Gray all stood there staring at me with their huge eyes.

"Hey guys!" That's when I instantly remembered the water earrings.

"Ooh!" I dug through the satchel and took out the earrings. They were simple medium sized blue studs. I took off my tiny studs and placed them into the satchel.

I then put the right earring in and then the left.

"Ok, hello?"

I looked at the boys expecting to hear them start talking up a storm right away, but I got the exact opposite reaction. I didn't hear a single word.

"Uh, I don't think it's working..."

I tried twisting the earrings thinking that I perhaps placed them in my ears the wrong way. Out of nowhere, I heard a boom of laughter.

Nathan- She looks ridiculous.

"Hey!" I yelled at them. "That wasn't funny."

Jasper- Yes it was. Just admit it.

I rolled my eyes in despair. "This is going to be interesting," I exclaimed. "Elias, can you say something? Why are you so quiet?"

Elias- I'm here.

I chuckled before rolling my eyes. "Ok, let's get going. Carry your clothing in your mouths."

Jasper- Are you crazy? It'll be too much load! Let's just leave it here. When we return, we'll take it.

"Fine!" I considered it littering, but I didn't want to waste another ten minutes arguing over it.

I pulled out the map and unfolded it. It was neatly hand drawn and was easy to read and understand.

"Alright," I sighed. I placed the map on the ground and knelt down as the boys gathered around me.

"So, we just crossed the bridge. By the looks of it, all we need to do is continue traveling straight until we meet the garden of lilies. We just have to avoid getting lost in these forests. That's the tricky part."

J- Well, I'm good with direction, so I'll lead us.

E- That's a bad idea. There's no way we're following you.

J- What? I'm extremely good with direction!

"It's ok Elias. Jasper can lead us."

Estevao trotted to the front and began making his way deeper into the forest.

N- You go next Leilani.

I followed Estevao's lead with Milo and Gray behind me.

Recap: Jasper (Estevao) Nathan (Milo) Elias (Gray)

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