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Rule #1; You Have To Ask To Join The Chat. If you jump in the chat without asking, you will get muted by the owner or the assistants approved by the owner. If no one gets to you, you will have to be patient and wait until someone gets to you. Don't spam people constantly about joining the chat because people have things to do in real life that will keep them occupied until they come back to the chat and reply to your message. If they don't see your message, try to ask them on their message boards to see if the chat has enough room to join the chat.

Rule #2 ;
This chatroom contains spam. Everyone in this chatroom has different timezones which results in some people being online and some offline. This chatroom is a 24/7 thing and it will mostly take up your notifications. If you are involved in multiple chatrooms before this one, please do not join this chatroom if you can't handle all the spam at once. If you can't handle spam at all, please do not join this chat please. If you do want to join this chatroom in the end BUT do not want to deal with spam, I highly recommend you DELETE your comments every time you reply to the chatroom.

Rule #3 ;
Our chatroom contains sensitive topics such as ; racism, depression, anxiety, racial slurs, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, sexuality, religion, and more. These topics are used in our chatroom but they don't last, I promise. If you are easily triggered or sensitive to these topics I've mentioned, I highly recommend that you don't join this chatroom. If you do join this chatroom anyways, please leave the chatroom immediately to avoid being reminded of anything if those topics are mentioned again.

Rule #4; Smut is allowed in the chat, according to the owner of the chat. He said "they can do whatever, but when it comes to people being uncomfortable. They will have to take it to pm." If people start to complain, take all the love to pm so people know what you or your partner/partners are doing to each other. Do not argue with anymore about it or cause any problems with everyone in the chat. You are allowed to hug, kiss, hold hands,etc but if it gets too heavy take it to pm and keep it there for you and your partner.

Rule #5; I have a question. Why do people create these hate accounts? I know, you don't like someone but you are going to waste your time creating one to create drama and rant about a person? If you going to make a hate account, don't waste your time on it because you are going to get blocked by the owner or the assistants. Don't come in the chat and create drama over something that can be simply solved. If you create a hate account, all I got is good luck with that.

Credit By: Petals and Mars

Credit By: Petals and Mars

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