Chapter 1 A Painful Begining

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Noises filled the air, although they sounded distant and muffled. The numbness slowly faded away, and pain replaced it. A sharp, repetitive pain in his side. He tried moving, but everything below his waist was so numb, that he wasn't sure if he was moving at all.

A hand placed itself on his cheek, cupping it gently. "Gary?" A voiced called out. He ceased his struggles momentarily, as he reached his hand up. He placed it on top of the person's hand, gripping it lightly.

"Gary? Can you hear me?" The voice was calm, yet filled with worry. "Is he gonna be okay? Cuz he's moving a bit." Another voice came from the opposite side. It was higher in pitch, and sounded like it was coming from a small child.

Gary forced his eyes open, seeing nothing but blurs at first. Like fuzzy grey blobs that swirled around his line of sight. His vision began to clear, and he could make out a person to his right. Although it was unrecognizable at first, a fuzzy blob of brown came into his vision, and he immediately recognized her. His eyes lit up like he had just received a million dollars. Or even better, a life supply of cookies.  "Quinn?" He said softly with a weary smile.  Quinn's face lit up with excitement as well, as she grabbed his face with joy.

"You're okay!" She yelled, leaning down and pressing her lips to his. But only for a split second, so Gary had no time to react. "I'm in heaven right?" Gary asked quizzically after Quinn had broke the kiss. "No Gary. You're alive. We saved you." Quinn seemed beyond exhausted, like she had been up for days. Her eyes had bags underneath them, and her voice was raspy. "But how did you survive- I have to be in heaven." Gary protested weakly.

As suddenly as Gary came too, a round yellow robot came floating in Gary's direction, hovering over his face. "Hi Gary I'm-"

"NO! WHAT IS KEVIN DOING HERE!" Gary screamed, sitting up and kicking the robot. "I must be in hell then!" He barked in a panicked state. Gary doubled over in pain though, for the kick he had thrown shot a sharp pain up his wounded side.

Quinn put her arm around Gary, helping him to lie back down carefully. "I don't understand what is happening right now. How are you even alive? The Anti Matter Bomb- it should have killed you. Not that I'm complaining or anything-" Gary rambled on.

"That's a funny story actually. A story that is much too complicated to explain, but I'll try to anyway." A woman stepped out into the room, eyeing Gary over with her dull, blue/grey eyes. She had long dark hair that reached down past her shoulders. And her clothing was a combination between the normal Infinity Guard attire, mixed with a few pieces of blue colored armor.

"Mommy!" A little girl ran up to the woman, allowing her to pick her up. "Gary's okay. See!" The little girl pointed in Gary's direction. The little girl had a pink outfit on, with pink headphones that covered her short, scruffy brown hair. She beamed at Gary from across the room, her amber eyes boring into him.

Gary stared at these new people, trying to process everything at once. Although his attention continued to aim itself towards the Kevin in the corner of the room. Who was currently shoving a multitude of chocolate chips cookies into his processor slot.

"Who is this?" Gary asked Quinn quietly, gesturing towards the little girl and the woman. "That's what I need to explain to you. They are part of the resistance. They saved us. All of us. Little Cato is in one of the other rooms, getting his wounds healed as well. She is the captain of this ship, and the girl is her daughter. Who by the way, is very fond of you." Quinn snickered.

"Wait, all of us?" Gary sat up slowly, his face showing hope in it. Quinn stopped her giggling immediately, knowing exactly what Gary was thinking. "So that means-". "No Gary, Mooncake isn't here." Quinn extended her hand out, stopping him from leaping off of the bed. "But you said all of us Quinn!" Gary looked at her with pleading eyes, as if she could do something about it.

"I'm sorry Gary, I meant almost all of us. But Mooncake is a planet killer. He can defend himself. Or at least, until we can find him again. Don't worry about him." "How could I not worry about him!" Gary protested. "Worry about who?" The little girl wiggled out of her mother's grip, and bounded over to Gary. "It's just a friend of mine that I need to get back." Gary mumbled, thinking hard to himself.

"Ellie! Stop bothering Gary, he needs time to think and rest." The mother grabbed her daughter by her wrist, and dragged her away. "No mommy! I want to help them get their friend back!" Ellie whined, reaching her hand out, as if expecting someone to grab it and pull her in the opposite direction. "Before I leave, I want to explain a few things to you. My name is Audrey, and I am the captain of this ship. The Lord Commander thus far seems to be near death. We need as many people on our side as possible. Once you fully recover, I would hope you will agree to help us. And remember, if you need anything just let me know."

"Oh don't worry, I plan to get rid of him, and I don't feel like waiting." Gary narrowed his eyes, thinking about how he would dispose of the monster who could have possibly ruined his life.

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