something terrible had happend and im lost

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hi guys

First of all, im sorry for not updating things, I had fixed my geography grade but still have bunch of it.

second of all, idk if i can continue this book.

as you can judge from the title of chapter, something really terrible had happend.

As I mentioned before, i have two uncle's.

One is completely asshat and other one is really great.

The great one is my mother's Brother, younger.


2 hours ago, my aunt called my mum that my uncle got into car accident, and is now in critical condition.

And now im shaking and crying so much, cause even tho I wasnt specially close to him, he was still blessing and good man and...and he is only 32 year old and his life hasnt really started out yet-

He isnt married nor he has kids nor gf or anything, but the life is giving him so much time and now this happend!

Im sorry guys that im ranting about this rn, but im scared, lost and sad.

Anyways, i will continue this book when my uncle gets better, if he doesnt die, then i will write this book on...

but if he doesnt, well idk then-

i guess i will need time for myself

also, my grandpa is in hospital, he had short heart attack. just lost and need some time for myself-

love yALL and bye

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