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Who's this bunny looking girl stealing seulgi away from me? Im pissed that she interrupted our conversation.
Im annoyed at them right now.. its like im not even here. And she gets to hug her and i dont? So nice of you to let her hug you seulgi.
"Hey im solar by the way"the girl introduced herself to me, finally noticing me.
"Oh hey im irene, nice to meet you." I fake smile, "Do you perhaps go here?" She ask.

"Ahh.. no..but my friend does, i was just wondering around town." I say nonchalantly.

"Anyway i need to go.."i say as i went to get a piece of paper and wrote my number on it.

"Here, just text me okay?" I said while handing seulgi the paper.

"Okay.. you better text back" seulgi said as i went to walk, going back to my apartment. And of course i look behind my shoulder to see what they're doing now, only to see that shes looking back at me waving a goodbye.


After a few minutes im back at my apartment, only to see wendy sitting on the couch playing her guitar.

Remember when i dated someone in france? Well its wendy, after we broke things off she said that its a coincidence that she's coming back to korea too. Plus it didnt go well for us.. we only liked each other because we thought we had feelings for each other, but we realized that we're better off as friends.

Slowly i sneak up on her, hugging her from the back.

"Oh is my wifey missing me already?" She ask, turning her head on me.. our face close, i accidentally look at her lips.

"Eyes up, not on my lips." She say, making our face more closer, looking into my eyes.. her face looking serious.

That made me fell on my butt.
"Yahhh! You're such a flirt!" I yell at her, as she laugh at me i still remain on the floor, she got up putting away her guitar helping me stand up.

"Sorry you're fun to tease with"wendy chuckled.

I mumbled a 'what ever' and went to sit on the couch.

"So how was your day out?" She ask, suddenly i felt my phone vibrate, i made a hand gesture for her to wait.

Unknown: Hey? Its me seulgi

I: Hi stranger!

Seulgi: Um.. its kind of awkward.. now that i saw you

I: Not really..
By the way who was the girl hugging you earlier?

Seulgi: Oh she is a new student at our school, i kinda helped her find her class..
I didnt know she was that affectionate

I: Or maybe she has a crush on you.

Seulgi: Ahh ani..
she just want to be friends with me.

I: How can you be so sure of that?

Seulgi: Shes too nice to me, plus she met my friend and i feel thats there's something about to happen between them haha.

I: Oh cool..
How many friends you have?

Seulgi: 4 now..

I: Dont forget me!

Seulgi: Fine i guess 5

I: How come? But you're noisy though.

Seulgi: Im not noisy! You just made me noisy.

I: Be grateful i was there to make you noisy lol

Seulgi: Sure.

I: Mhmmmm

I heard a cough beside me, i didnt bother to look up.

Seulgi: Why did you leave earlier? I wanted to know much more about you.

I: I~

Then i felt my phone has been taken away from my hands.
I saw wendy running to her room, so i went to go after her.

"Yah! Give me my phone back!" I yelled

"Who's seulgi huhh??" She yelled back from the other side of the door.

"Its obvious that shes a friend!" I say as i kept pushing the door

"Lalalala im not listening"

"So mature of you wendy" i say, giving up
Going back to the living room

After 5 minutes..
Wendy came back with a smirk on her face.

"Here you go, Thank me later" she said while handing me my phone.

So i check my phone and i saw some messages she texted to seulgi..

Seulgi: Why did you leave earlier? I wanted to know you.

I: I was nervous...

Seulgi: of what?

I: you..

Seulgi: Why would you be nervous of me?

I: I like you.. and seeing that girl hugging you made me think that i have no chance with you..

Seulgi: Umm are you ok? Did you drink or this is some kind of joke?

I: Im for real.

Seulgi: Oh um

"Wendyyy why do i need to be thankful for you? When you ruined our conversation!" I groaned

"Well i didnt expect that she would reply like that" she shrugged.

I: omo im soo sorry! My friend stole my phone and texted you nonsense things

Seulgi: Oh its okay, i know you wouldn't say something like that.

I: yeah i wouldn't...

Seulgi: oh well i gotta go.. cya!

I: bye

I sign as i put my phone down, i dont know why but i kinda feel awkward around seulgi.. i used to be confident around her, what happened?

I just sat here staring at the wall until i felt someone's hand on my arm and heard wendy ask "Im sorry about seulgi.. do you perhaps like her?"

"Well its complicated but i want to be her closest friend.." i said

"How bout you go to sleep and we'll have fun tomorrow"

"Fine.." i said feeling sleepy, going off to bed.

"Night wendy"

"Sleep tight bae"

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