The End

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After a couple minutes Chubs found the light switch and turned on the lights. What they saw standing in front of them made Alex's skin crawl. In front of them Alex saw a figure dressed in black and next to them a smaller figure about the same height as Zu, probably because it was her. 

"LET HER GO!" Liam yelled as he saw Zu next the unknown figure. "Sure but first give me the girl," the figure said in a deep voice, motioning over to Alex. "Never," Liam said. "Are you sure? Gimme her and this can all be over. You can leave this place and never look back, better yet you can leave with Zu and Chubs, alive," the voice said, in a way that made Alex's stomach churn. "Liam, its okay. Zu needs you, I'll be okay," Alex said in a soft reassuring voice. "No Alex, I'm not loosing you again, okay yes Zu needs me but she needs you just as much, I need you just as much," Liam said causing Alex's heart to shatter. "You'll be fine Liam, you stronger than you know okay, you don't need me, you never did but this, this is not the end Liam. We'll be together again, I promise," Alex said, stepping towards the stranger. As she got closer she noticed it was Clancy. "Let her go and you can have me. I'll never try to escape or runaway, just let my friends and Lily go," Alex said. "Deal?" She finished. "Deal," Clancy said as he let go of Zu and she ran towards Alex and hugged her. "Don't leave, please Al," Zu whispered. "I'm sorry sweetie, I don't have a choice but I'll be back I promise," Alex said, before letting go of Zu and walking over to Clancy. All of a sudden the garage door behind Clancy opened to reveal a chopper, the door opened and Alex could see Evie sitting inside. Of course she's working with Clancy. Alex thought.

"Don't do this Alex," Liam said. Alex looked behind her to see Chubs carrying Zu and Liam standing slightly in front of them, tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry Li, really I am but I have to do this. I love you," Alex said, before turning around and walking into the chopper. She took a seat next to Evie. "A little advice to you Liam, forget about Alex, you know since your never gonna see her again," Clancy said before joining Alex and Evie in the helicopter. Within seconds they were in the air and Alex could see her friends slowly disappear below. Was she ever gonna see her friends again? Who knows?


Okay so this is the end of this book. A sequel will be up soon, if you want a sequel comment and thank you for all the love on this book, it's awesome. Shout out to: 

@way_2_obsessed and @taz2327 for the hilarious conversation in The SHFK I really enjoyed reading it. 

Stayed tuned for the sequel until then cheerio darlins.

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