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Chapter 19

Libby Ashford


                Have you missed me?

                Have. You. Missed. Me?

                Have you missed…me?

                I stared unblinking at the first of only two lines written neatly on the folded up sheet of paper. A coat of sweat adorned my brow as I analyzed his first line. Have I missed him? I knew right then and there that my father was going to draw this out into a game. If there was anything I learned about him, it was the fact that he loved to toy with his prey until it was almost paralyzed with fear. Then, only then, would he pounce. My father loved games and I had just unknowingly become the key player in the most thrilling game of his life.

                Because I’ve missed you.

                That was his signal to start the game. Whether I wanted to play or not, I’d just been entered in a match and only at the end will I see if I come out of this alive. A dark, foreboding feeling washed over me as a tiny voice in the back of my head whispered what I was already certain about. I wouldn’t make it out alive. My father was too good of a player and the game was far too big for me to win. My heartbeat raced as scenarios of what I would be in store for coursed through my mind. He wouldn’t let something as huge as running away from him go unpunished. No. Before I died, I was going to be tormented and played with until I suffered a long drawn out death at the hands of the man that created me. The reality of that hung low and heavy on me.

                “Libby? What’s wrong?” Nick’s voice hardly penetrated my melancholy state of my mind. My mindless eyes flicked up towards him before gazing back down at the crisp sheet of paper before me.

                “Libby?” Wes. Wes had entered the room and if he saw the letter, well who knows what would happen. “What happened? What is that piece of paper in your hand?”

                “What?” I stalled while trying to come up with a plausible response. I couldn’t let any of them know what was going on. I was a fool. A damned stupid one at that. I should never have let anyone in.

                “The paper in your hands? What is it?” Wes asked, eyeing the letter. Instantly, my hands snapped around to hide the incriminating paper behind my back.

                “It’s uhh,” I urged my mind to think faster. “Oh! It’s just a letter from the school.”

                I nodded my head vigorously; the lie forming in my mind.

                “The school? Really?” Nick asked suspiciously.

                “Yep.” I chirped.

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