June 13 - Serenity

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I can't do this.

I'm a regular high-school girl. Supposed to graduate next year and then go to college. That was the plan.

Not shooting at zompires on a moving vehicle while mowing them down with a car.

What happened to my life? To me?

What happened to my life? To me?

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First the cops. Then at the school.

Robby tried to make me feel better by saying I'm a natural. A natural killer? I don't want to be a natural killer. That's not what I'm about. I'm an artist. I'm supposed to create. Make life. Not take it.

But they were gonna try to kill us. They would've torn us apart for what we have inside of us. Whatever that is. Life? Health? Some kind of immunity to the fog that makes us tasty? What is it? Doesn't matter.

Once we got back out of the school lot and parked the car somewhere out of the way we tried the CB radio again. Static. I told Robby that we might need to get closer to Atlanta. Maybe if we could get to the Chattahoochee.

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