Please Don't Go- 26

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(Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to update. I'm a senior this year so I'm dealing with graduation things, but lucky for y'all I am in a sad mood today so i'm updating :) )

*2 weeks later*

Tyler's POV

I keep thinking of how this is my fault. Everyone keeps telling me it isn't but they just don't know what happened. I told her that I hated her and that I hoped she died. How am I  suppose to live with myself if she really does? I sat there just holding her hand and the more I think about it the sadder I get. I feel myself wanting to cry, but I've cried so much that there is just nothing left, it makes me feel numb. 

I look around the room to realize I'm the only one here. "Now is my chance." I say in a whisper. I walk over to her unconscious, pale body. I sit in the chair right next to her and take her hand lightly. " Felicity, baby girl, my little gumdrop, i'm so sorry I hurt you... I didn't mean too. I love you more than anything and anybody.. I know you can't hear me or anything, but God I hope somehow you can. I don't want you to go.. it'll break me.. I can't think of a world without you.. We lost the baby, I can't lose you too.. Please.. Please stay strong.. God, I love you so much baby girl..Please show me you can hear me.. Please wake up.."

I sat there just holding her hand to my face, hoping to get some kind of reaction out of her. Slowly I felt her hand move slightly. I shot my head up to see if it was me or really her. " Felicity?..." I interlocked our fingers and held her hand. I could feel it. Even though she hasn't woken up I can tell she is trying so hard to show that she is still there. Tears actually start to sting my eyes, even though I didn't think it was possible to cry more than I already have. I feel her slightly move her fingers down, I just pull her hand tighter hand stay there. "Thank you..." I whisper to myself.

Filicity's POV (I know, I know, I switch POV's a lot but it's to understand what they both go through)

"I'm sorry we lost the baby too...You're welcome.." I whispered back. That really tired me out. I tried with everything in my will to get just a part of me to move. I feel really weak after succeeding that. I'm really glad he wants me to stay, but I just feel really weak. I just want to sleep.. Just for a little bit.. I close my eyes and I start hearing a beeping sound. I was rapidly beeping, I heard Tyler screaming for someone to help. I just want to sleep. Why won't they let me sleep?  Everything went black, but I heard people in the distance, but it all stopped. Everything is finally peaceful, I'm happy. I love this... 


"Clear!" *shock*


I know it's short, but I'm trying to make it all out so I can make it to the 30th chapter where the book would be ending. 

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