Chapter FortyFive- Embrace Me Like You Care

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Chapter FortyFive- Embrace Me Like You Care

July 29th: Waxing Gibbous

    I could feel someone shaking me shoulders as the blackness surrounding my eyes slowly disappeared. There was a pounding in my head that wouldn't go away and it felt like my entire body was on fire. It didn't help that I couldn't remember what had happened either. 

    "Ren," a voice called. "Ren, can you say something? Can you open your eyes?"

    It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light as I opened them, looking up into the faces of everyone in the house. Apparently the people outside had come in and were here to stare at me too. I felt like some kind of zoo animal and personally, I didn't like it. 

    However, that wasn't the only thing on my mind. I could remember that girl touching me and her memory flashing before my eyes. It had been scary and a lot like a horror movie. It wasn't until I looked around the group crowding me that I wondered where she went. I couldn't even bare to think of the possibility that they'd done something to her. 

    "Where's Sadie?" I choked out, pushing everyone's hands away from me as I sat up from the ground. 

    The people surrounded me looked confused, obviously not knowing to whom I was referring. I guess I couldn't blame them considering she'd never said her name before because, of course, she'd been unconscious. So, I must have sounded a little crazy. 

    As if coming to my rescue Joseph piped in. "He's talking about the girl..." 

    Either Joseph was just a logical guy or he was very good at reading minds. The latter seemed impossible, but lately he was starting to know a lot of things he shouldn't. It was getting creepy and I wasn't afraid to admit it. When had Joseph suddenly started keeping secrets and knowing so much? I guess it all kind of started happening after Amanda showed up...

    "Oh..." York looked sheepish as he stared at the ground. "After she caused you to pass out or whatever happened she went unconscious again. We brought her to Amanda's room, but we're not sure what to do with her. We've got people guarding the room because she's obviously dangerous."

    After what had transpired it would definitely look like she was attacking me from their point of view. However, all I knew was that she wanted help and was very afraid. If they were guarding her and keeping her from leaving the room then that was a bad idea. She wasn't good with being concealed which was something I'd learned. I had to do something before she woke up and freaked out.

    That was another thing. She may not be a huge danger to us if we help her out, but that doesn't mean she isn't dangerous...if you know what I mean. Sadie had been running from people who were after her power and she wasn't afraid to use it if the situation arose. Hence why Steve had been killed so easily. 

    I stood up as best I could from the ground, grabbing onto Andy's outstretched hand for support. Everyone took a few steps back as I stood still, waiting for some of them to clear out. Some of York's pack left the room while all of mine stayed put along with York who looked more concerned than I would have thought he'd be. If last night was some kind of indication, I would think he hated me. 

    "You have to get those guys standing next to Sadie's door away," I said, cringing when I realized how bad that sounded. "She's not dangerous like you think though..." Wow, that still didn't sound any better. 

    York squinted his eyes at me and immediately all concern was gone. "What do you mean she's not dangerous. The girl touched you and you fell to the ground. We thought she'd killed you or something and were about to kill her ourselves before we saw that you were still breathing. Not to mention she killed Steve so now I don't know what to think."

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