Chapter 1

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(Howdy! So basically, he looks like the gif up to in his nightmare form. Just human. I'm doing a human! Nightmare Sans. Just a heads up)

~Nightmare's P.O.V~

I gasped, stumbling back as I stared at a shaking Dream. He had big, fat, golden tears running down his face, sobs wracking his small frame as he stared at me with golden iris' surrounded by an inky abyss.

"B-brother?" He weakly spoke, a hopeful look shining in his eyes. All I felt was dread as I looked around, trying not to gag at the ocean of blood and bodies twisted and mangled beyond recognition with multiple holes through their torso, legs, arms and their head.

Their eyes screamed at me, staring and screaming how bad I was. OhgodwhathaveIdone?!


I jolted, snapping my head to the front to make eye contact with Dream, a worried look in his eyes.

"Calm down. I'm sure you didn't do this. Please, don't cry," he said softly, like a mother would to a child.

I reached up and, sure enough, violet tears were flowing steadily, dripping rhythmically tip the floor and seeming to taunt me with their silent melody.

I looked up once more, and saw a certain, dead tree. And that was that...

I turned and ran, ignoring my brother's calls as I tried to escape what I had done. But, I knew it would always haunt me.

And it did. All the way to the next Multiverse.

(Sooooooo, what do you Glitch Hearts think?)

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