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-in this book y/n and Miles are not going to have a relationship right away and it's going to be a slow progression into even a friendship, (slowburn) as I talk about in the plot, Miles is very closed off
(also in my research into the actual plot of the turning he is) so be patient.

-in the original book the turning is based off of Miles is kicked out of boarding school for reasons unknown & he doesn't talk about it which makes people very eager to know the truth

-this plot is set after the plot of the turn of a screw/the turning, and unlike the original plot Miles will not die, he will however get possessed again

-I promise you'll eventually understand the whole "darkness" thing with Miles & why he keeps pushing y/n away obviously you're going to understand as it's the whole plot of this book tenebrosity

-I know the turning is not out yet but i'm doing my research & read the book & don't worry and you'll see that with the things I incorporate if you do the research I did

-again, it's going to take awhile for Miles to let y/n in, but be patient I've explained he's very closed off and it's essential for what I want to do in the plot of this book

-I also plan on making this book much darker than any of my other books
(even lifeless in seattle) people were telling me they didn't find that scary so i'm gonna be descriptive as hell in some gory parts so just a fare warning

-this is set in modern time

-no Miles is not a vampire & y/n is not like Eleven lmao 😂 i'm currently writing the next chap that will shed some light onto the whole nosebleed thing

- (I hadn't added this before but now that people are actually reading the book after I read it back & February to write this I feel it's necessary to include): yes I'm aware miles is 10 in the book obviously but this is a finn adaptation & au set after the events of
"the turn of the screw" , to add on...
Floras demon/ ghost "Mrs.Jessel" is the one haunting Miles more so, not his original Demon "Peter quint" part of my decision with this is after reading I felt "Mrs. Jessels" negativity, personality & oppression, carried out better with what I wrote & how I wrote the reasoning behind her actions & the fact it's an au set AFTER the events of the book as mentioned.

here are some things this book may or may not include I probably should give a warning about


—suicide & depression

—anxiety & anxiety attacks

—drug and substance use

—drug & substance abuse




—graphic language and description


—demons, spirits & satanic cults

—school shootings

Caleb's character Niall—

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Caleb's character Niall—

here's Niall's characterization so y'all know how he fits into the plot:

-he's a bully & terrorizes y/n & Miles

-i'm going to humanize him shedding light to why he is the way he is with a dark back story

-just a quick warning, when you think things might be getting better with his character it's just gonna take a turn for the worse

-he's actually very vital to my vision for this book

-he's going to do some things in this book that will make you hate him, but again, i'm going to try & humanize him

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