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Pushkar watched his brother fidget around;an amused smile on his face watching as he flung one attire after the other out of his wardrobe.

"Yeh nahi."

"Yeh bhi nahi."

"This one makes my butt look fat."

Pushkar snorted at that. "Come on Bhaiya, stop behaving like a 15 year old  girl before her first date. For God's sake you have done this before. This is not your first date."

"But it's my first date with Sumo."

Pushkar smiled at that. "You have my blessing."

"Who says I need it?" Shravan scoffed. "I never asked for it."

"Oh, come on Bhaiya...." Pushkar began but was cut of by Shravan.

"Aha. This is it." He said holding a shirt in his hands.

"Now, out with you; you pesky  little bug." He narrowed his eyes at Pushkar, shooing him away.

"What? Why? I was the one giving you moral support when you were having a mental breakdown on what to wear."

"You mean lazing around on my bed making occasional comments. Now out." He made a dissmisive gesture with his hands.

Pushkar reluctantly got out grumbling about the brother being used and thrown away and the unfairness of older siblings.

Shravan ignored him and walked into the shower humming a tune to himself; a soft smile on his face.


"Stupid stupid manager." Shravan grumbled as he drove around the city; frustrated not knowing what to do.
"May he rot in depths of hell for this...."

"Shravan, relax. It's not his fault that the receptionist got confused with the dates."

"Nahi na, it's my fault." He said sarcasm dripping from his voice.


"I'm sorry Sumo. I didn't mean to snap  at you." He sighed. "It's just that I had so many plans for this night and everything got ruined because that stupid person got confused and messed up the reservation. And now we got the reservation for next week instead of today."

"Look at the bright sight Malhotra. Now we have an excuse to go out next week."

"Are you asking me out on a date Tiwari?" He raised an eyebrow, grinning.

"Maybe. Will you accept?" She winked.


"I'll take that as a yes. So three cheers for the successful planning of our second date."

"Why second? What makes you think that I'll not ask you out before that?"

"You're one jobless lawyer Malhotra."

"Only for you darling." He said blowing a kiss.

"Now you're overdoing it."

"But that still leaves the question of what are we supposed to do now?"

"Oh, I may have an idea or two." She answered with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.


"Oh come on Shravan. Stop being a such a stuck up."

"Par Sumo....." He whined. "You're forcing me to eat this....this." He pointed hand at the abomination with a scrunched face.

"It's street food. Come on you can say it. It's only two words and ten letters. Come on, it's not that difficult."

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