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We woke up its our first day so i get ready and i went downstairs and went to the kitchen and found jin oppa has already cooking some breakfast

"Oppa what are your menu for today?"i ask him"oh its pancakes with straberry and blueberry"jin said

And jin oppa put one pancake in my plate and started to eat/after i eat i put my dishes away and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth

And i went to my room and satrted to wake jungkook up

"Jungkook-ah were going out lets go"i said but he put the blanket over his head"my baby jungkookie wake up"i
Said and he take off the blanket over his head and he kissed me

After the kiss he went to the bathroom and took a bath so i went down stairs and see the other members are already downstairs

We all talk about something while waiting for jungkook

(After a while)

Jungkook already went down stairs so we went outside and we went to a amusement park

And we ride some rides we all have a lot of fun until i was craving for sweets so i went to jin oppa and i whisper to him

"Jin oppa..im craving for sweets"i whisper to him and he just mouted me 'me too'

"Hey guys lets go gets some sweets since jin and hyerim looks like they needing some sweets already"jhope said"thank god now someone is their to save us"me and jin said it ast the same time

we go get some cotton candy

(Aftet we ate cotton candy)

"Hey guys lets go to the ferris wheel"
Jungkook said and we went to the ferris wheel

And we ride the ferris wheel until the ride stops at the top and i was amaze about the view

Ad i turn around jungkook already kneeling down i was just standing their confused

"Park hyerim or should i say jeon hyerim,hyerim-ah i know our wedding is just a forced but i whould like to say" jungkook said

Until the oppas started getting crazy and jungkook took out something on his pocket

"Jeom hyerim!will you be my wife again for real nothing forced on this"
Jungkook said and the oppas shouting 'yes'

And i was shock until my tears drop one by one and i nodded and jungkook stand up and hug me and he put the ring in my finger

"How did u even plan all of this?"i ask him and he started telling me everything

*jungkook's pov*


I woke up before hyerim so i came up
With a plan to propose again to hyerim
Since i want our realation ship to be real

I went downstairs gather all the hyung

"Whas is it jungkook?"jimin said"well i want to be a real husband so hyerim so that im going to propose to hyerim tonight at the ferriswheel"i said

"Whos that even posible?"yoongi said so i told them my plan amd they agree on it

"That great jungkook!"hobi hyung said so we went to our room to sleep again

(End of flashback)

"Aww!my jungkookie is soo sweet until the ride started moving again ad we reach the bottom

"Aww!!you guys im so happy for you!"
Jimin said"lets go home its getting darker and darker"yoongi said

So we went home eat some dinner and went to bed


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