Crown of the Devil (onebluerose)

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Reviewer: onebluerose

Author: MeganKennie

Cover: 8/10 

Nice cover! The background suits the focus of the story and gives something like a peek to

the main character. Though the crown may not be accurate to the book description, it's

good! Also, the title and author's name are both readable but not really clear. I suggest

choosing a font color that will really show the words but at the same time blend in the overall


Description / Summary: 9/10

Using the pivotal part of the story as the summary is a good idea. It presents the main

character's dilemma with her legs and what it will cost her to solve it. Though I am not quite

sold with the choices she was offered. "...lose her soul or date the devil?" I don't think the

two would be equal in any equation. Minor error with the word "chose" as it is in past tense. It

should be, "...will you choose to accept it?"

Chapter Review: 8/10

I have read the story up to the tenth chapter. There are minor grammatical errors and

spelling mistakes.

Chapter 1:

The opening paragraph of this chapter was good. It describes what the main character was

thinking and going through. Though, the first thing I noticed was the very long sentences. It if

is possible, cut them down to shorter ones. Also considering how the pacing of the story is

from here, I suggest adding more detail to the emotions of the main character. The darkness

in her life was presented well, yes, but the feeling does not really sink in for me as a reader.

Other than using negative words such as depression, going to hell and the likes, I suggest

describing them too. That way, the story would be able to pull in the emotions of the readers

as well.

The main character's everyday life since the accident was shown well through the

supermarket scene. How she was feeling, how the people around her acted and who helped

her to get by. The accident was also explained so I could say that the foundation of the story

was already built. The scene where they were eating was also great as there were a number

of clues to what will happen in the future. Though I cannot say that the rest was written well.

For example the setting, the town they live in, the kind of neighborhood they're at. There

were no sceneries or seasons/weather. I cannot fully imagine the world they're in.

Chapter 2:

Though it may be confusing to some, I find the morning scene really good. Was it a

flashback? Was it real? Maybe a dream? Not having the exact answer made me want to

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