Chapter 3

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Jennie's POV

Once Lisa left, I couldn't really decide if I wanted to slap her right in the face or let her have her way with me. After several frustrating minutes, I decided it was both. I slammed my book closed and went to go find Jin. I needed something. When I found him, he was preoccupied with a game of chess.

"Hey babe" I said sweetly once I got his attention.

"Hi baby. You okay?" He smiled.

"Yeah" I said softly. "You wanna come upstairs take a nap with me?" I asked with a sultry smile.

He grinned as soon as he recognised the look in my eyes. "Absolutely"

I waited for him to follow and then held his hand tightly as we walked towards our room. Once we were in the bedroom, I pushed him against the closed door and kissed him. He returned it eagerly. He didn't know it, but I was taking my frustration out on him. He didn't know it, but it wasn't because of him that I was this turned on.

After we were done, we lay side by side. Not once had I stopped thinking about a certain blonde girl while being with him.

"That was.. woah... what's gotten into you?" He asked with a grin.

I simply shrugged.

We laid there a few more moments until he decided to take a shower. He left soon. I buried my face in my hands and sighed heavily. This was not good. Lisa had started to make her way into everything. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I had never been attracted to anyone as much as I was attracted to her. And the worst part was that it was pure lust. I honestly couldn't stand her selfish being. She was so fucking aloof. What kind of person asks her brother's fiancé if they'd like to be "friends with benefits"? The more I thought about her, the more frustrated I became. 

I needed a distraction. So I rolled over towards the nightstand and grabbed the TV remote. As I turned it on, I noticed that some celebrity gossip show was on. When I was about to change the channel, I gasped at what I saw.

It was Lisa.

I turned the volume up to hear what the reporter was saying. Lisa looked different. I watched the footage of her getting into a car surrounded by people and cameras. She looked absolutely miserable.

"Rockstar Lalisa Manoban is in hiding after reports that tensions in her band are at an all time high. An inside source claims that the rocker cancelled the American leg of their tour after reports that Kyong-sang Choi, the lead guitarist, had an affair with her supermodel girlfriend. It's unknown at this point where Lisa is staying. The musician is no stranger to controversies. Just a few months ago, rumors swirled that she wanted to leave the band and go solo. We contacted her reps and at the time of this report, we haven't recieved any news. Stay tuned for more news after the break."

"You look like you just saw a ghost" Jin said from the bathroom door as he towel dried his hair.

"I had no idea that Lisa was THAT Lisa" I said, still in shock.

"We try to avoid speaking about that topic. She's doesn't like people treating her differently. She absolutely hates the fame. But I had no clue that you didn't know. I thought you would've figured out by now" He said, laughing.

"She looks completely different. All the leather, blue highlights in the hair, red lipstick... I didn't recognise her" I said softly.

"She's going through a lot of stuff right now Jen. Now that you understand her situation a little, maybe you should cut her some slack. She could use a friend. I bet you could prove to be a great one for her" He said as he pulled a shirt over his head.

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