Chapter I

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? Pov

All humans are destined to die, whether we wish for it or not.

Our lifespan is limited and in the end, we can only succumb to death as that is our fate.

At the age of 6, I was diagnosed with Chronic  Leukemia.

The simplest cold or flu could easily end my life if we weren't careful.

Because of this, I spent nearly all my life lying on a hospital bed rotting away.

At first, I would make friends with the other kids in the hospital but I found that it was nothing but wasted effort.

One by one they'd all get discharged and completely forget about me well I was stuck in the hospital alone.

So I eventually decided not to bother with other people anymore including my parents.

But my parents continued to shower me in love and concern and I hated it.

I didn't understand what was the point, I was going to die anyway so it'd be better for them if they'd just move on.

Maybe then it wouldn't be so painful.

Every morning I woke up asking the same question, "would today finally be the day?"

And as time went on eventually, it finally arrived.

The day that I died.

In my last moments of consciousness, I remember looking at my disgusting, pitiful self.

My skin was a ghostly shade of white and my body was disgustingly thin to the point my ribs bones stuck out.

I could hear the doctors trying every method they could to keep me alive but their attempts were simply fruitless.

After that, I had lost consciousness and awoken again in a dark empty space.

Am I in the afterlife? I wondered.

But suddenly the darkness turned into a painfully bright light.

[ "Congratulations madam, it's a girl!" ]

After much struggle, I managed to open my eyes but the only thing I was able to see was a woman's face.

Her shining blue eyes were like gems and her long blonde hair was tangled and fell messily in front of her face.

Her skin, covered in a heavy sweat was blemishless and smooth but her current complexion looked nearly as sickly pale as mine was.

I was enchanted by her loving smile and gentle giggle.

[ "You do not cry even though you were just born, how strange" ]

Her voice was hoarse but still sounded as sweet and soothing as honey.

After that, she shut her eyelids with a peaceful expression on her face

[ "Madam? Madam?!" ]

I could hear a girls voice shout

Her voice sounded desperate and pained

Ah what's this, why am I suddenly so sleepy again...

I closed my eyes and once again fell into another deep slumber

Chapter I End

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