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Why did I have to start crying?

Why did he have to bring up my family?

Why did my past have to be so tragic?

Nick would never understand why I'm the way I am.

Nobody does.

"Hazel where the hell have you been!" My sister whisper yells at me as I enter the kitchen.

"I'm sorry Opal, I got caught up and then it started raining so Nick offered to give me a ride"

"Wait. Nick Knight? Your hot boss, gave you a ride home?"

I nod my head as I grab the Cheerios from atop the fridge.

"And?" She presses.

"And what? That's it"

"Wow. You didn't make a move? That guy is a nice drink of water."

"Opal he's an ass. No matter how hot he is. His personality is shit."

Opal shrugs and gets the milk out of the fridge as I pull a bowl from the counter.

"Where's Ollie?" I ask my sister as I pour my Cheerios.

"He's in his room. I put him down to sleep but he can't go to bed without mommas song"

A small smile appears on my face at the thought of my son. Despite the horrible circumstances he came to be in this earth. I love him. He's my world.

"I'll be up to sing to him in a bit, I just need to get a little me time with my Cheerios."

Opal chuckles at me before turning to go to Ollie's room.

I grab a spoon out of the drawer and pour the milk into my bowl before putting it back in the fridge.

Just as I'm about to take a bite I hear my sons footsteps thundering down the hallway.

"Momma!" He shouts running into my arms.

"Hi baby!" I say to him wrapping my arms around him tight.

"I missed you" he says into my shoulder.

"I missed you too baby. Did you have fun with aunt Opal?"

He nods his head and wraps his arms tighter around my neck.

I put him on the ground and his sits at the table.

"What did you do today?" I ask taking a seat next to him.

"Ummm we went to the park and then we went to McDonald's." He says twiddling his thumbs.

"That's it?" I ask with a mouth full of Cheerios.

Ollie nods his head and watches me with his big blue eyes. The only feature he got from his father. Thank god.

The mouse brown hair and the small button nose is all mine.

"Mommy how come you weren't home for dinner?"

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