taegi: punishment.(a)

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warnings: lots of crying, sad little,


"blehh~"yoongi glared at the little angrily, he had just been woken up by taehyung and to make it worse, taehyung had thrown a block at him, nearly hitting him if he hadn't moved away quickly enough.

"that's fucking enough!"yoongi yelled, blood boiling.sure, he loved the little, but sometimes he was too much.the boy froze at yoongi's tone in fear.


yoongi grabbed taehyung's arm harshly, making the little whimper as he was dragged to his own room."you've been misbehaving too much lately, you're getting a punishment."

taehyung sobbed out at the word, he hated it.

yoongi felt his heart clench, he knew taehyung had had a... bad, past with another caregiver, and it honestly took months for him to trust yoongi, but in all honesty: taehyung needed to be taught. he couldn't let taehyung get spoiled.

taehyung started sobbing, trying to pull away from yoongi."d-daddy, let go! it hurts," he sobbed, but yoongi's grip only tightened.

yoongi almost wanted to hug him and kiss him and feed him, feeling all too bad.


yoongi pushed taehyung into his own babyblue room, and glared down at the little who was now on the floor.

"you're staying in there for an hour, reflect on your actions, kim taehyung."

taehyung bit his lip, eyes puffy and filled with tears as his body shook violently. with that, yoongi gave one last look to the boy, and shut the door.

immediately, taehyung started clawing at the knob, but to his dismay, it was locked.

tears fell from his eyes to his cheeks and down to his oversized, white shirt.the little climbed onto his bed silently, hugging himself closer as a broken cry left his blushed lips.

why did yoongi leave him?

did yoongi not want him anymore?

had yoongi finally gotten tired of him, and will he come back to do what his previous caregiver had done?

at the thoughts, taehyung begun to full on wail, his red, bloodshot eyes filling with tears immediately after they fell.

clutching his stuffed toy shooky close to his small frame, taehyung couldn't help but shake uncontrollably.

he was scared.

so,so, scared.

what was yoongi going to do?

"d-d-daddy,"he whispered out, but obviously, no one came."da-da!"

trembling, the already little felt himself slowly creep into a younger headspace: baby space.

frantically taehyung fumbled about the messy drawers in search of his paci, but to his dismay, he couldn't find it.

not one.

another cry left the little's swollen lips, his breathing heavy as he sobbed into his stuffed toy.

he didn't know how long had passed; in baby space, he could barely recognise the number one, but the door creaked open, revealing yoongi.

taehyung had been crying the whole time, so much that his head hurt, and had only just calmed down, but the sight of his caregiver made him go into full panic mode, and he started wailing again.

yoongi bit his lip, guilty, as he watched the little break down in front of him.

"hey, baby," yoongi whispered, "it's over, the hour is over, you're fine."

in all honesty, it had only been half an hour, but taehyung didn't need to know that.

but when all he received were babbles through hiccups and more sobbing, yoongi nearly wanted to smash his own head.

how could he have forgotten?

taehyung would've definately gone into baby space, especially since he could barely bear being alone for a second.

and to make matters worse, yoongi had probably made taehyung relive his past, and now he was going to be scared.

of him.

"baby, hey tae,"yoongi raised his hand to touch taehyung's tear streaked face, but pulled back when he saw taehyung flinch and back away.

"g-gwo a-aw-way, dwon' hwurt t-twae." the little whimpered, hugging his stuffie close to his small body."t-twae's sowwie."

yoongi could've sworn he felt his heart break.

great.he was supposed to help taehyung, and now what did he do?

make him go all over it again.


yoongi, ignoring the fact that taehyung was starting to panic all over again, reached over to the petrified boy and engulfed him into a deep embrace.

"baby, i'm sorry. daddy's sorry, he didn't mean to hurt taetae."

but taehyung shook his head through tears. "y-ywes d-dada dwid!he dwon' lwike twae no mwore."

yoongi pulled away and looked into taehyung's own doe eyes."baby, i would never. daddy was just being stupid,okay?"

taehyung sniffled, having been a bit oyt of it for a while before yoongi realised his age progressed.


yoongi smiled, wiping taehyung's tears off his face."really. daddy was just big meanie. did daddy hurt you?"

gasping, taehyung shook his head no. "d-daddy would nevwer!"

the smile only grew wider, happy that taehyung had so easily forgiven him, yoongi pecked his lips."i'm sorry, okay, baby?"

taehyung nodded."sw-sweep." 

"right, my baby has been crying too much, right? he must be tired,"yoongi chuckled, poking taehyung's nose."let's sleep in my room, okay?"

taehyung nodded, stretching out his arms. "cwarry taetae?" yoongi smiled, picking up the apparently smaller boy with ease. he was light, no big deal.

bringing the boy back into his bedroom, taehyung hopped off into yoongi's bed.

"daddy, i cwouldn't find p-paci jus' now.."

yoongi frowned, before his lips formed an "o". "daddy had it!"he grabbed someone out from his drawer, and little tae widened his eyes excitedly.

"is tae little enough to use his paci?" yoongi teased, earning a whine from taehyung. "pweaseee~~"

yoongi chuckled and tossed taehyung his paci, who immediately popped it between his lips."wan' swe' now,"he muttered through the blue pacifier, and yoongi tucked him in.

hugging onto the stuffed toy yoongi had, who he had named tata, taehyung grinned shyly.

"yoonie sweep wif' tae?"




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