Rose Tyler, (DW)

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*Not my idea, found from instagram*

There they stood, The Doctor and Rose. Well, it wasn't The Doctor. It was kinda Donna and The Doctor's child. Anyway, they stood on the beach where she last saw the incredible, life changing, world saving Doctor. Bad Wolf Bay, they called it.

She took her Doctor's hand, wondering why they were there. He knew she couldn't stand to be there.

"Doctor, can we leave?" Rose asks. Tears brim at her eyes for the first time since... then.

"Not just yet." He says, wrapping his arms around the blonde haired girl.

"Doctor!" Rose whined. She was getting extremely irritated.

"Fine, Rose." he said before taking his arm off her. She started walking before The Doctor grabbed her arm and placed her in front of himself.

The sexy young-looking man starts to talk, "Rose, ever since your Doctor left and I became yours, I felt something spark inside me. I'm not sure why, I have never felt that way, even when I regenerated. Which is weird because I felt everything when I regenerated, so-" he started bablbing like always.

"Doctor... What are you saying?" Rose ask, suspicious.

"Rose Tyler, I love you. And what I'm trying to say is," he gets down on one knee, pulling a box from his brown, long coat pocket, "Rose Tyler, will you marry me?"

Rose stands there, silent. The huge grin on The Doctor's face quickly fades to a frown.

He starts to stand when Rose tackles him to the grainy sand. "Yes, Doctor. I will marry you. I love you, too."

***a few hours later***

As the two sit by their fireplace in the house they bought together, living in it for years, they start to talk and drink wine.

"Say it again!" she says for the billionth time.

He sighs, "Rose Tyler, I love you." Rose squeals and kisses her Doctor.

"I'm so happy with you." she says before placing her wine on the coffee table and wrapping the blanket closer to her, closing her eyes to sleep.

OMG this felt so good to write I feel h

so happy imma go cry tears (for once) of happiness. First one, so tell me how you like it!


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