THREE. / period.

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"I been the rawest bitch, checks my resume, hoe. pretty ass face and my pussy on Fiji.
queen of the south can't nan hoe see me."


      I fluttered my eyes open and looked at my surroundings. I can believe that I agreed to actually let Kyeem drive me to Greenville. As much as I hate driving the car, I sure as hell didn't want anyone else driving it.

"How far away are we?" I asked him after I had finished yawning. He looked down at the GPS before responding to me.

"We 'bout less than an hour away. You good?" He asked me. I nodded and closed my eyes so that I could go to sleep. I hated being in the car for long periods so I took naps to pass time.


I woke up to someone gently shaking me. I looked up to see Kyeem all in my face. "Bitch, move out my face." I pushed his head back and sat up while taking off my seatbelt.

He sucked his teeth. "Fuck you, pussy. Asian ass." He shoved my shoulder slightly.

"I'm not fucking Asian for the last time." This mofherfucker was always calling me Asian. I'm mixed with nothing but nigga and more nigga.

"What's wrong with being Asian?" He asked me smirking. I wanted to smack that smirk off his face. I don't know why I was always such an angry ball but he just annoyed me so much.

"Nothing, I'm just not. Fuck off." I pushed him, hot out the car and snatch my key out of his hand. I shut the door and popped the trunk. I got my duffle bag, waited for him to get his then locked the doors. I let him knock on the door.

"Kyeem!" My baby sister, Alayah shouted as my mom opened the door. Ok, shit. I guess I'm not standing here.

"Layah!" He shouted back while picking her up. I rolled my eyes. My mom and Kyeem's mom were best friends since forever, lucky me.

"Wow, Alayah. You don't like me anymore?" I pretended to cry.

She hit Kyeem hand. "You made Avey cry. Put me down!" This girl was a mess. She was three and terrible. Her attitude was worse than mine. I didn't even think that was possible. I laughed as he passed her off to me. "Hi mommy." I said as she gave me a hug.

" I said as she gave me a hug

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"Hey babies. Come in. It's cold, child." She moved aside so that we can come inside of the house. I shifted Alayah over to my left hip.

"I smell food." Kyeem said rubbing his hands together. I rolled my eyes. That big ass nose I'm sure that you do. "What you gotta say now, Avery?" He gave me an annoyed look.

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