Chapter 2.2

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Chapter 2.2 – Breeding Hate

Trying to incorporate into the Xue family. It seemed easy, but in reality, it was impossible. If they really wanted to take his life, then they would not waste emotions on a dead person. The current situation was already very clear. They thought of him as a vessel that they needed to nourish. Eat well, drink well, and when the time came, send him to the slaughter. The only thing that puzzled him was Xue Jing Yi's attitude.

He was sure that the Xue family would never tell Xue Jing Yi that they were planning to harvest his organs. Just think about it, would there be parents telling their children like this: Daughter, you see, you are going to die, so we will bring your twin brother back and take his organs for you. Exchange his life for your life. You mustn't think too much.

Who wouldn't think too much? In particular, Xue Jing Yi was still a 16-year-old girl in her prime. She was in poor health and couldn't stand this kind of stimulation. Telling her this kind of thing was tantamount to aggravating her psychological burden and would greatly damage her health. However, for a person who didn't know the truth, where did her strong hatred of him come from?

Zhou Yun Sheng thought about it for a bit. Perhaps his existence was a stain on Xue Jing Yi, always reminding her that she was not the real Xue family princess.

"It seems that this twin sister is also not a good-natured person, and her breath of mind if extremely narrow. Really don't understand why the Xue family wanted to bring me here. They could just secretly keep me in some place outside, wait until the day of the surgery, and then take me to the hospital. Wouldn't that be less hassle for them?" Zhou Yun Sheng shook his head. He couldn't figure out the key point. But he was also certain that some situation must've cropped up, which led to the Xue family bringing him back to the manor. But these were not important, what was important was how to complete the second task.

Trying to incur feelings of goodwill when everyone thought of him as a dead man walking was harder than ascending to heaven. The only breakthrough point was Xue Jing Yi, but she treated him like some dirty secret, retreating three steps when he neared. Days in the Xue family were not going to be good ah.

Under the supervision of the Villain System, Zhou Yun Sheng naturally did not dare to evade the task. He could only toughen his skin and push on. He wanted to stick to Xue Jing Yi like a bum beetle, revolve around her, and try to use emotions to affect her. He was a dead man walking, after all, if he managed to spark some emotional connectional with Xue Jing Yi, then it should cause headaches for the Xue family.

Which was why Fu Bo immediately intercepted the youth's movements. He dragged him into a corner and warned him, "Mr. Huang, the young miss is in poor health and needs peace and quiet. If you have nothing better to do why don't you read more books and stop bothering her."

Zhou Yun Sheng revealed a remorseful expression and asked, "What's wrong with Jing Yi, did she fall ill*?"

[*T/N: I think there was a typo in the raws. The author used 生产 sheng chan instead of 生病 sheng bing, which would mean "give birth" instead of "fall ill."]

"No illness. She was merely born with a weak body." Fu Bo refused to say more and urged the teenager to hurry up and go over his homework.

Zhou Yun Sheng took advantage of the opening and shyly asked, "Fu Bo, can I have a computer? When I have nothing to do I'll just go online. I won't bother my little sister anymore."

That was exactly what Fu Bo wanted. For a country bumpkin, asides from surfing the web and playing solitaire, what else could he do? So he had an assistant immediately send over a laptop.

The laptop came fully installed. Once it was plugged in it could be used. The assistant taught him the basics and brought up a few single-player games. He saw the teenager very quickly becoming addicted to the games. Without suspecting anything, he left. Fu Bo peeked in on him several times and saw him lying on the bed playing FreeCell with an enraptured look. While Fu Bo's face held disdain for the youth, his heart was very satisfied with the situation. A bumpkin who has not seen much of the outside world was sure easy to control.

Once he determined that Fu Bo would not be coming around again, Zhou Yun Sheng locked the door. His ten fingers flew across the keyboard so fast that they left only afterimages. All kinds of information flashed across the screen, including Xue Rui's, Xue Li Dan Ni's, Xue Zi Xuan's, and Xue Jing Yi's. All of the family's information, from small to large, was all recorded on the internet.

The village he came from did not have running water, access to the world wide web, or public highways. He wouldn't say that it was isolated from the rest of the world, but that wouldn't be far from the truth. As farmers, the people there lived with their faces to the ground and their backs to the sky, rarely interacting with the outside world. The only source of information was from a television. But even that outdated coloured TV, which was an expensive luxury for the impoverished Huang family, was taken away. Zhou Yun Sheng remembered that he had not seen the TV since he was ten years old, because his aunt got married and took the TV away as dowry.

So in a sense, Fu Bo's evaluation of him was very accurate. He was indeed a dumpling who had never seen the outside world. He did not know that the Xue family was so big.

"A rich and powerful clan. An actual rich and powerful clan. F*ck. He really is the son of fate. His family background is so strong." It only took him a few minutes to read through all the information on the Xue family. Zhou Yun Sheng shook his head and sighed. The Xue family was known as a first-class family in the Imperial Capital. Their force spanned the army, government, and business circles. Although Xue Rui was alienated from the Xue family's helm, he was still considered the first wife's son. The established Xue's consortium was very strong.

Xue Li Dan Ni and Xue Zi Xuan were world-famous musicians. One was a violin master, and the other one was a piano master. In particular, Xue Zi Xuan, who became famous at the age of twelve, had won praises from the "Piano Emperor" in the music industry. His artistic achievements were comparable to those of many piano masters of the last century.

On the other hand, Xue Jing Yi's resume was much more ordinary. She participated in a few moderate piano competitions and ranked in the middle. It was really not outstanding.

Zhou Yun Sheng carelessly skimmed read. His gaze fixed upon a medical certificate for a long time. Congenital heart disease. Without a heart transplant, the patient could not live past twenty-five. So it turned out that what they wanted was his heart. He pressed a hand against his chest and felt the strong and powerful beats from his heart. The corners of his lips pulled up into a small, cold smile.

Integrate into the Xue family. How to integrate myself into the Xue family? Is it by selflessly dedicating my heart to them? Yeah? He glared at the system on his wrist with a fierce expression. For the ten thousandth time he thought of how he could take this thing down with himself.

"It is detected that the host's emotions are out of control. The first-level punishment procedure will be initiated." The system was directly connected to the host's conscious. It immediately suppressed his rebellious notions.

How could it just be a first-level punishment? Wasn't this usually cause for a tenth-level punishment? Zhou Yun Sheng's expression turned confused as doubts entered his head. He often provoked the system. On one hand it was to feel out the system's bottom line, and on the other hand, it was to remind himself with severe pain, not to lose his sense of self in the endless cycle and forget his original intention. His original intention was not to go back to the real world but to find the Lord God and obliterate it.

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