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"Ian! Look!" Sonora tipped her head toward the three large vehicles. The same officer that had questioned them at the hospital stepped out of the passenger seat of the front one.

Ian didn't move, which meant Sonora wasn't moving either.

Officer Johnson looked from Sonora and the bleeding Ian, to Azurine and her deceased sister, to Blake holding a gun on Ian. "Well, Ms. Reeves," he said looking directly at Sonora, "you seemed to have gone from the frying pan directly into the fire."

Sonora pushed at Ian, who with a groan, held tight as he studied Officer Johnson. "Can we trust you, Officer? Or are you part of the larger evil that resides in this land?"

The officer scratched his head. "I prefer to think I'm part of the larger good."

"Devon expected you to be his cohorts."

"Then Devon is sorely disappointed. We came because of a call from a Ms. Azurine Reeves."

Ian released Sonora, and she jumped up. Officer Johnson was eyeing up her grandfather, who still held the gun. "My grandfather did not do this. Devon shot his wife, and Ian—Oh, Ian—multiple times." Ian lay still, and Sonora dropped back to his side and applied pressure to the wound closest to her. "Grandpa didn't do this. Please, help us."

An officer could be heard calling for an ambulance. Blake handed his gun over to Officer Johnson, then submitted to handcuffs. The officer assured everyone this was standard procedure since he had been holding a gun. Everything would be straightened out at the station.

"You have an upgrade in vehicles, I see," Blake said as he was led to the backseat of one.

"Yeah, we have a major donor. They always make sure we have the best." He gave Blake a wink.

"Thanks for being here for us."

"No problem, Mr. Karras. That is what we are paid to do."

Sonora pushed back Ian's hair. "It'll be okay now. I know it will."

"Your grandfather is in cuffs."

"My grandfather is the biggest contributor of the local police. I would hope that would buy him some courtesies."

Everyone watched as Devon was handcuffed and led to a vehicle. "I'm innocent of any crimes against the citizens of this country," Devon said, his voice stern and sure. "I will be free within the day. The people I work for will not stand for this! They run this town."

Officer Johnson rolled his eyes at Devon's declaration. Without a doubt, he heard protests of innocence every day. Instead, he turned his back on him and explained to everyone else. "The thing is we already knew about a worldwide ring of human traffickers that specialized in medical torture. And it was suspected that one part of it operated in this town. Every time there is a clue to where one of these monsters are we head out with as much force as we can muster. We don't get clues often. This is a good lead. We're hoping that Devon Shade can give us some good intel."

"He won't do so easily," Ian said.

"Oh, I hope not. There is a lot of payback owed him."

Sonora winced, preferring not to think about what the officer was hinting at. She looked at her mother sitting beside her aunt. Azurine had covered Claire's upper half with a white shirt that had been thrown in the car, below it her hands were folding, resting on her stomach. Tears filled Sonora's eyes, but if her aunt had lived, her fate would have been the same as her husband's. In some ways that may have been harder to see.

A strong gust of wind swirled in from the ocean lifting Sonora's long hair and batting the dress she wore. She looked out to the water, and saw a low, dark haze on the horizon.

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