~ Hazel ~

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A normal day in the office had turned into my worst nightmare within the first hour of being at work.

Mr. Knight wasn't here yet, and I was getting hounded because he had missed some very important meetings with his Japanese sponsors.

Knight Tech, was the top tech company in New York. We handled everything from security cameras to robot maids, that babysat your kids and cleaned your house.

I had moved to New York with my sister when I was nineteen. I went to NYU and got my degree in business and web development. But what I didn't expect was to get a job as a personal assistant to the biggest tech CEO in the country.

Nick Knight. Also known as the worlds biggest asshole, aka my boss. At the whopping age of twenty seven, he was the youngest CEO to actually have a successful, thriving company. He made billions of dollars, and lives in a lavish penthouse apartment in the lower manhattan area.

I couldn't understand how he got to where he was, he may be smart and young, and let's not forget insanely hot. But he was always in his office, he never checked on his tech or went to the lab to see if anything needed fixing. His name was on the product and that got him where he was.

"Haley! I need you to clear the rest of my schedule for today, Rosa is stopping by." Nick says breezing past my desk.

"It's Hazel sir." I politely correct.

I've been working as his personal assistant for the last three years and he still doesn't know my name.

"Right so can you do that Hannah?"

I roll my eyes before following him into his office.

"Where have you been? You missed your meetings with the sponsors"

Nick turns and studies me with his devilish green eyes.

"If you must know Holly, I was at Jordyn's. He had some ideas he wanted to run by me."

"And you didn't think to call and cancel or postpone your meetings?"

He quirks an eyebrow at my outburst. No one in their right mind would ever talk to Nick Knight like this. But I was beyond furious.

He stands up straight and crosses his arms over his chest, which causes his biceps to pull the fabric of his suit jacket tight.

"I don't believe it's any of your business what I do or don't do in my life and my spare time, and unless you have anything smart to say, then this little chat is over. Are we clear?"

His eyes were burning holes into my soul as he glared at me. I really had struck a nerve.

"I have an issue Mr. Knight."

"And what would that be Hannah?"

My cheeks got beet red and I could feel my fists clenching.

"First off my name is Hazel. Not Hannah, not Holly, not Haley. Hazel."

Nick rolls his eyes as I continue.

"And second, if you want to kiss your business goodbye, then fine be my guest. But if you want it to thrive then at least leave the notes so someone can replace you when you're off doing god knows what, when you're supposed to be here"

His lips form a straight line and his nostrils were flaring. I really went to far this time.

"Listen closely and listen good. You are my PA. That means you do as I say. I don't need you jumping down my throat about not being here that's what's HR is for. I'm going to let this incident go today, but if you lash out again you will not have a job. Do you understand?"

The glare he was directing towards me made me cower down. I hang my head and meekly answer him.

"Yes Mr. Knight."

"Now get out of my face" he spits at me.

I hurry back to my desk that sits right outside his office and collapse into my chair. That was so not like me. What just happened?

I pick up my cellphone and start a new text to my sister.

Hey, I'll be home late tonight I need you to feed Ollie for me.

Okay! Just don't expect any leftovers!

I knew I messed up by going off on the boss and I knew I needed to make it up to him some how. I just didn't know how. Maybe staying late and working on paperwork for him would be easier, that way I didn't have to listen to him lecture me.

The clomping of heels on the tiled floor caused my attention to turn to Rosa. She was Nick's playtoy for the week. She was the same as the others, pin straight  blonde hair, big butt, big boobs, clown makeup caked on her face, and he always went for the short girls.

He was 6'4 I didn't see why he needed to be with someone that was under 5'6. That was one of his requirements on 'the list'.

"Hazel hey! Is Nick in yet?"

One thing I hated about all of his girls that visited him in the office, was that they were all super friendly to me. Which sucked because when Nick was sick of the girl he made it my job to call them and tell them he wasn't interested anymore.

It was the same deal every week when he met someone new.

"Yeah he just got in his office." I tell her with a fake smile plastered on my face.

"Awesome! Thanks!"

She waggles her fingers at me before walking into his office. I can hear his deep raspy voice start talking and then silence.

I knew what was coming next.

And there it was... I don't think he even did any actual work in his office. It was always being used to have fun with his toy of the week.

I try to ignore it, but his office isn't soundproof so I hear everything. And I mean everything.

The phone rings which makes me glad I have my attention on something else except the horn dog that was 500 feet away from me.

"Mr. Knights office, how can I help you?"

"Hey darlin, I know you said I shouldn't call you at work but I needed fashion advice."

"Troy you know I love you, but I'm kind of busy right now."

Troy was my best friend, him and his boyfriend lived in an apartment building a few blocks down from the office, Troy was an artist and he made his money by selling his work online, he was actually really talented.

"I thought it was ho'clock"

I laugh and roll my eyes.

"It is, good point. What's up?"

"So Nate is taking me to a really nice Italian place tonight and I wanted help with my outfit. Should I wear something that screams sexy or something more laid back?"

"If it were me, I would wear something sexy. Fancy food usually results in getting laid"

"Yes! God I love you! Thank you so much! This is why you're my bestie!"

"Have fun tonight!"

"Oh I will trust me"

We say our goodbyes and I place to phone on the hook, just as a loud bang comes from Nick's office.

I roll my eyes, he just knocked another picture off the wall.

I hear some giggling and then silence.

I place my hands over my ears and tune out all the noise. Or try to at least.

I really wished those walls were soundproof.

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