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Ethans POV
I turned in my bed to see what time it was. 2:00 am. I tried my hardest to fall back asleep but couldn't. It was Saturday and I didn't have to go to school but I would like to get some sleep. All I could think about was Grayson. It was normal for me to think of a guy in my school but not my own twin brother. I tossed and turned trying to think of something else instead of him but couldn't so I went to text Alivia. I didn't even know if she was up but texted her anyway
Me- I'm sorry I woke you up, if I did I don't know what to do
Alivia- No I'm up to I can't fall asleep
Me- Same. It's a little late but you want to go out to coffee with me tomorrow?
Alivia- Sure. I'm going to try and fall asleep so I'm gonna leave
Me- Alright, see you to tomorrow
Alivia- See you tomorrow
I turned my phone off and turned and stare at the wall until my eyelids are heavy and it turns to darkness as I fall asleep.
I woke up to the sound of shuffling downstairs. I slowly sat up on my bed and walked downstairs to my dinning room. I saw my mom and brother downstairs eating breakfast. Well, more like wearing breakfast because Grayson had almost half of his breakfast on his pajama shirt. All I could do was laugh at him. I walked into the kitchen got a bowel of cereal and sat down at my kitchen table and ate my breakfast. My dad came downstairs in his suit and grabbed his coffee coming over and hugging my brother and mom and then coming over to me. He walked out the door as Grayson ran over to the window to watch him go down the driveway in his Range Rover. "Ethan, I need you to watch Grayson for me because I'm going out somewhere." I said, "I said I was going to go out and get coffee with Alivia, I can't." She looked at me and sighed. "Please just take him with you. I just want a little break is that anything to ask?" I couldn't say no to that. She is always around Grayson and I knew she needed a break so I said yes. She just smiled as she finished helping Grayson with what he was doing.

"Come on Grayson we need to go." I said as Grayson was upstairs in his bedroom. He was sitting on his floor rocking back and forth on his floor in front of the doorway. "Gray you need to leave if you want to go see Alivia" I said in a soft tone. He didn't say anything and continued rocking. It was already past the time I said I was coming so I texted Alivia that I was going to be late
Me- Hey, I'm going to be late because I have to take Grayson with me and he's not working with me right now
Alivia- That's okay. I'm already here but I can get something
I looked back off my phone to find Grayson not sitting in front of me anymore. I thought the worst thing... him leaving the house. He has a problem with leaving the house but hasn't done it in years. I hurried down the stairs and looked through the huge house finding him nowhere. I didn't know what to do. My mom usually knows how to deal with this stuff but me? I have never really learned the right way how to do this the correct way. The last place I looked was outside finding him nowhere. We live kind of out of town and in the woods so if he was in the woods I was screwed. I walked the path towards the back of the house and saw Grayson walking into the woods in the back. I quickly ran over to him and slightly touched his shoulder. "What are you doing?" All he did was look up at the sky and I sighed. I took his hand and we made it out to the garage and got into the car
I walked in with Grayson by my side the whole time. It was a lot more crowded than I thought and it was a little loud to. I looked over at Grayson as he was covering his ears with his hands and humming. I saw Alivia sitting at a table and walked over. "Hey, I'm sorry we're late we had a bad morning this morning" looking over at Grayson. "No it's no problem your not alone I didn't have the best morning either." "Can you watch Grayson for me while I get my drink?" I asked. "Yeah I'll stay with him" she said. I walked up to the counter ordering my drink looking back every one in a while to see if anything was wrong. I watched Grayson smile sometimes and god was it hot. Geez I really need to stop thinking about him like that. They called my name and I went back to the table and looked at Grayson who was laughing and looking out the window as Alivia was smiling. "So, hows school been so far?" She asked to start a conversation. "I mean it's been pretty good but I'm fearful everyday about you know what." She just shook her head as she looked over at Grayson. I looked down at my pastry that I decided to get last minute and took a bite as Alivia made a small gasp. "What? What happened?" I asked. "Grayson looked me in the eyes for the first time. I remember you said he didn't ever really do that." "Yeah, he hasn't looked me in my eyes in a while. He usually only looks people in the eyes once when he trust the." I said. "Well look who's earning up to me now." As she touched Graysons arm but he pulled away. "Don't take it personal" I said. She shook her head and said she didn't care. It was good for a while until I saw Grayson starting to rock a little harder in his seat and his humming coming out louder. He then started covering his ears. "Hey what's wrong Grayson?" I asked. He just started to become more antsy and doin ever thing even more. I knew that he was going to have a meltdown or a tantrum and I needed to get him into the bathroom. I stood up and started trying to get Grayson out of the seat. "Where are you going?" She asked. "I need to get Grayson into the bathroom because he's about to have a meltdown or a tantrum" I said. I finally got Grayson out of the seat and slowly started getting him to the bathroom. Before I knew it he dropped to the ground and started rocking and covering his ears. Soon enough he screamed multiply times, "NO E!" gaining everyone's attention around us. "Come on Gray. Look, it's me Ethan. See I'm here just calm down okay?" Me saying that didn't help anything. "If he keeps doing this I'm going to have to ask you two to leave." I turned around to see a man in his mid forty's that I believed to be the boss was. "I'm sorry he's having some troubles right now and I can't get him to move" I said. "Son, you need to leave before I call security." He said. I then heard Alivia say, "Excuse me, but he's being serious he actually can't move him. He has some difficulties and does this type of stuff." "And please tell me what that is?" He said in an unpleasant way. "He has autism, higher on the spectrum actually, and does this stuff to calm himself" I said. He just sighed and walked away as everyone was still staring. I looked back at Grayson who was still rocking but not as much. I got him to his feet and Alivia, Grayson, and I walked out. "God I hate people like that" I said. "Yeah I know that guy is such a douche" she said. "I mean it looked like he didn't even believe me about the autism, like why would I lie about that?" She just shook her head in an I don't know type of way. "Well I think it's time that we should head home." I said. "Yeah me to. I actually think this went pretty well" she said. We said our goodbyes as I got Grayson to the car and we drove back to the house.

Chapter 5! I think this may be the longest chapter I have written. I'll trying write more chapter like these. Also go check out my other book 'blind dating' that I'm going to try uploading on along with this book

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