Facing the Stars

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Sprawling on the beach blanket, Aniket and I look up at the dark night sky, counting the stars. According to the cute brats surrounding us, we are horrible at counting. Aruvi has gone to sleep, but Arun and his other friends are still hyperactive, skip counting the shining lights above us.

They may not know how to do basic math now, but I'm sure that these smart street urchins will figure it out.

Without inviting them, they joined us, bouncing on their toes as they saw all the food Aniket had set up during his long excursion.

They help themselves, knowing we won't object when we even bought Aruvi's shells. They trust us, and I want to keep that belief of theirs, by letting the kids be a family.

Aniket had a arm under my waist, which must have been uncomfortable and numbing, but he doesn't say a word as I roll on it, adjoining my body to his. He smiles at the action, his other hand pointing upwards, counting the stars.

After a long time in comfortable silence, I assumed the children to be fast asleep. I look over my shoulder, craning my head, to see that they were all six of them are hugging each other to sleep, whilst Aruvi was in the center, getting the most warmth. Arun has a protective arm around his little sister, his other hand intertwined with the another little boy; the smallest of the five boys.

I turn my head back, finally content to have Aniket alone. I twist my body, rolling on top of him with mischief written all over my foolish face. "What are you doing?" Aniket whispers, his hands shivering as he entwines them around my waist. "I can't take anymore teasing, woman." He says, frowning.

"I want you. Now!" I demand, my breath fanning against his ear.

"I thought there was a magic word." He teases. I roll my eyes at him, clearly annoyed at his teasing, and impatiently merge my lips with his.

Aniket groans into my mouth but pulls away. "No more, Krithi." I ignore him, attaching our lips tightly once more.

"Yeah, no more, Krithi." Arun mocks from the other side of the blanket. "He's probably facing the stars. Leave the poor man alone." The comment earns a laugh from the other boys, who I have clearly misjudged to have been sleeping. Right now, the only ones fast asleep are the little boy and Aruvi.

Random facts about teenagers pops into my head, and I internally smirk when I remember a certain fact I read. A teenage boy will think about sex every seventeen seconds. I wanted to laugh, but I was made the clown here. And the embarrassing thing? The jokes are made by twelve year olds.

Aniket purses his lips in amusement as my jaw hits the floor from their shocking comments. He pulls me down, biting my earlobe gently as he chuckles. "They are right, you know. Unless you want to kill me, I suggest we take this home, to our bedroom." He says hoarsely, tucking a stray of hair behind my ear.

He was doing things to my nether regions I did not want to mention in front of a group I thought to be angelic kids, but are actually devils in disguise. "Isn't that friend of yours from the hostel coming next morning?" I ask him, sighing in despair.

"I can't wait until next morning." He groans, pushing my lower extremities down to prove his arousal. I gasp, trying to scoot off of him, only to make that thing stick into me. That was awkward. "Don't make it worse, Krithi."

I frown into his embrace, clear about one thing at the moment. I'm deeply, madly, in love with the idiot below me, and I wanted him. No, needed him. I clutch onto his shirt, writhing in his arms. He chuckles at my impatience, and rolls us, ending up on top of me.

My eyes widen at the sudden prospect of what we're about to do: compromise partially angelic children's innocence, and get naked in the middle of nowhere. Not happening. And especially not when I am carrying my little girl. It just seems weird to have intercourse when you're pregnant; although it is actually good for the baby.

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