A sis is getting cyber bullied

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So, where the fuck do I even start? Anyways, about 2 years ago I used to know this bitch Melodie. and this girl Jasmine, she was one of my good friends at the time. Melodie would bully me and make my life a living hell, she would punch me, slap me and even kicked a door in my face and took an embarrassing photo of me and showed it to the whole class and even threatened to post it on social media. Jasmine told Melodie behind my back at a party that I wanted Melodie to slit her wrists, I NEVER SAID THAT AND I NEVER WOULD! I was hurt and mad at Jasmine because she was one of my best friends and she knew how much pain Melodie had caused me. Keep in mind, that was 2 years ago. So yesterday I'm on Instagram just chilling with my new amazing friends and I come across Jasmine's story and she's doing these "ask a question" thing. You know what Melodie asked Jasmine?


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ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME? NOW ALL OF MY OLD FRIENDS HATE ME AND THINK IM A BITCH. I told her to delete this because it's not true but guess what? She didn't...

I have no fuckin clue what to do, I blocked both of them but still, now everyone probably hates me...

And this whole situation is just the start, my ex boyfriend called me a 'Slut' to his old friends and said I got with everyone in my grade and was only using him, that not even true. I haven't even had my first kiss yet, he was too much of a pussy to kiss me soooo. Now everyone at my old school thinks I'm a hoe so you know, I'm having some anxiety attacks and mental breakdowns. Oh, I forgot to tell you! My ex is coming to my school next year just so he can see me, he's obviously not over me cause I'm hot, not to brag, but I'm so fuckin annoyed.

A good thing about this whole situation is my crush is giving me signs and just today at school I was late to 3rd period and he was also late. I was trying to open the classroom door but it wouldn't fuckin open, so he smiled at me and leans against the door and basically towerd over me and smirked then smile and helped me open the door, I told my best friend and she had an aneurism in the middle of class but anyways that's how my life is going :)

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