Long dirty niall horan imagine

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Imagine, its getting dark out and you and niall are just sitting watching tv. Niall cant keep his eyes off you.. like always. You suddenly look up at him and ask why he’s staring.  He looks deep into your eyes “Baby, how about we go into the pool? I’m feeling like a late night swim!” “Okay, just let me go change!” “no, no, no time for that princess! We’re going now.” Niall grabs your hand as you walk out the back door, down the stairs and stand in front of the pool waiting for niall to say something. It’s a little bit chilly outside but you know as you get into the pool you’ll start to warm up.. hopefully. Niall slow fully takes off his white v-neck shirt and starts un buttoning his dark blue jeans “ Niall.. we’re skinny dipping? What if the neighbors see?!” “Babe, don’t worry about it.. I’m sure they will you know, understand.” You smile lightly still not so sure about this idea.  Of course though you agree with him, and start taking off your blue shirt that Niall loves on you. You look over and niall’s already in the pool swimming around like a little kid “come on baby, take your clothes off faster! I’m lonely” you laugh hard at his wining and just finished taking off your under ware and bra slow fully and see how painful it is for him to watch you do this. You jump off the side of the pool and into niall’s arms  “Holy shit, about time you got in here” Niall says while winking playfully at you. You honestly just wanted him right then.. you could tell he wanted you right then and there also by the look in his eyes. You reached your hand down below and skimmed your hand over niall’s manhood. he let out the slightest moan and you could tell you were already turning him on. Niall pressing his lips hard against your light pink lips asking for entrance and then and there you accepted. You start moving your hand up and down on Niall’s big length, him moaning into your guys’ kiss telling you he likes it. Niall then grabs you by the waist and pushing you up onto the side of the pool.. the cold cement hitting your butt making you gasp. He slowly plants kisses up your thigh making his way to your womanhood. He circles his tongue around your clit making you super excited about what’s gonna happen next! Niall then pushing his tongue has far as he could already making you moan super loudly and the nights just getting started “Please, niall. Just get in me baby” “patience my princess” he muffles sending vibrations all across your body. Niall lifts you down, you wrapping your legs around his thin waist. “you now ready my love?” “Niall, I’m always ready” he laughs lightly while showing those perfect white teeth. Niall painfully starts slow then speeds up making the water in the pool make waves. Niall screaming your name, you screaming niall’s name.. what a perfect night this was. Your legs started getting wobbly “niall.. I’m – I’m gon-nna –“ “just let it out.. scream my name while you let it out baby” you do as your told, and scream niall’s name at the top of your lungs knowing you most likely just woke all the people in the houses surrounding you. But right here and now, you didn’t care. You just loved the feeling of your’ and niall’s juices being mixed together. You hop off niall while giving him a long passionate kiss hoping out of the pool. “Hurry up and get out and maybe we’ll have round two inside?” Niall didn’t let you finish and was already chasing you out of the pool and into the house.  

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