Part 1

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(Y/N L/N age 16)

I stood in a line with a group around my age all of us in running clothes with shaved heads. Military soldiers walked around carrying weapons as one man looked at all of us.

Man: Thank you all for joining our little group. In this company, we do not accept any form of weakness. If you fail, you're done.

We were all forced outside to some sort of training yard. more men walked to on the side with guns as the man in charge stood in front of us.

Man: Training begins now complete the course as fast as you can without dying.

We started to run down the field when they began firing at us. One kid was killed ahead of me as I slide under the wire.

Man: As you may have figured out this is an unsanctioned military group! We are going to make you the best soldier possible!

(age 18)

My group of fifteen has turned to only three. All of us showing wounds from a gunshot to burns. Our commanding officer Mathis has been relentless with his training.

Mathis: Alright you made it to the end but only one gets to make it.

We all looked up as he walked an the catwalk above us. He dropped a knife between all of us. I was shoved away as one of them grabbed the knife and slashed the other. I rolled to my feet to block the knife attack. I broke his elbow then used him to block the others attack. I kicked him away the took the knife, finishing off my human shield. He jabbed and kicked my but I caught his leg, the pulling him into the knife.

Mathis: Good job Y/n, let's get you suited up with the others.

I walked to the opened door. Inside three others where waiting in line. I stopped next to the girl and looked at the other two guys.

Mathis: You four are the best of your groups. You will be assigned a partner and you will complete missions when given alone or as a team. Y/n you are going to be paired with Kimberly.

We followed him inside where two suits where brought out to us.

Mathis: This ones your Y/n.

Mathis: Inside your helmet is an A

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Mathis: Inside your helmet is an A.I it adapts to the user's personality and will keep you alive.

I put the helmet on, everything was black until text began filling the screen.

New user-Y/n L/n
Eye color-e/c
New user accepted

Voice: Hello Y/n, I am Nora.

A/n: She can sound however you want.

Mathis: Now there's only one thing you need to do with theses guys, never let them fall in the wrong hands. Welcome to Argus.

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