59. Nick

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He wakes up before Bailey, which is rare. She typically has an alarm set so she is able to make it to class, but she was determined that she didn't need to go today.

"It's Friday. I only have one class, which I've only missed one time this entire semester. I'm not going. I'm staying with you."

The fact that it is probably his last day here went unsaid.

Although Bailey hasn't told him, he's sure that she will need to leave the dorms by tomorrow for break—Sunday at the latest. And he has class and work starting again on Monday. He is dreading it. Nick isn't ready for this to be over.

Surprisingly, the best parts of the past week haven't even been about sex--although that's been a close second. It's been just being with her--going to the lake, walking around campus, eating meals on a blanket on the floor of her room.

She dragged him to the mall yesterday to get his hair cut, and while he was in the chair, she got them both to-go containers from the food court. He never would have even thought to do that, and it was just so...normal. Like something a girlfriend would do for her boyfriend. It's been nice to pretend.

He wishes she didn't have to pay for so much. If it were left to him, though, they would starve. She always has the option of eating in the student dining hall, but she insists that she isn't leaving him to eat while he's here. It's almost like she wants to be with him as much as he wants to be with her--if that were possible.

And sleeping with her has gone beyond his wildest dreams. Her sexual appetite hasn't slowed down as the days came and went. She seems to always to be ready, and Nick is right there with her. He would think that the more times they fuck, the less starved he would feel. But it's the opposite. The more he has her, the more he wants her.

Being inside her is, without a doubt, the definition of ecstasy. The first time was an out of body experience, and he will forever love her for giving it to him, and it just keeps getting better. Plus, he's glad he's able to last longer now without a condom.

He watches Bailey sleeping. Her eyes are closed, and she's lying on her stomach resting her head on her forearm, facing him. Her hair is sprawled across her back and shoulders. He can see the curve of her ass under the thin sheet that they are sleeping under. They are both completely naked. They haven't slept in a stitch of clothing since he got here. When he asked her about it, she simply said, "Why? That will just slow us down in the morning."

And he loved that answer. So practical.

He leans over and kisses her shoulder softly. He hopes she isn't upset with him for waking her, but he doesn't want to spend their last day together sleeping. He can sleep when he's not naked in bed with the sexiest woman on the planet.

A grin forms on her face, and she opens her eyes. "Hi."

"Good morning." He slides his hand down her back and ass until he finds her warm and already wet center between her legs. He inserts a finger and loves how the new angle makes her gasp in surprise.

She buries her face into her pillow as he curls his finger inside of her, rubbing along her walls. God, she looks so fucking hot right now, writhing beneath his touch. He removes his hand and repositions himself so he is kneeling behind her, legs on the outside of hers. Wrapping his arms around her stomach, he lifts her onto all fours. "You look so beautiful, Bailey. I want you like this."

"Yes. Always."

She keeps using that word, "always". Ever since he asked her why she chose him over the other guy. She never just says "yes" or "of course". She adds the "always". He fucking loves it and feels the same. It's always been her.

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