Chapter 2: Coming Out to Him

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Bakugou's POV

 This is going to be as hard as the time I came out to my parents. Why did I think that I could do this?

 I heard someone knocking at my door. It was 5: 57 pm. My guess was that it was Kirishima. I got up and opened the door. I was right. "Hey, sh!tty hair," I said.

 "Hey Bakugou," he smiled at me. He walked inside my dorm room. His hair was down.

 I had hid my T-Injections in a drawer along with my other chest binder. I shut the door and sat down on my bed. Kirishima sat next to me.

 "So, what do you need," he asked. He had a curious look on his face.

 I sat their for a moment. I took deep breaths. "You are my best friend, Kirishima. I trust you more than anyone else," I began. "The reason why I don't change in the boys' locker room is because I'm... transgender. I came out to my folks over a year ago. I thought that I should tell you since I trust you the most," I explained.

 We sat in silence for a moment. He hates me. He won't accept me.

 "So am I less "manly" now, Kirishima," I asked.

 "What the hell, dude!? You're the manliest guy I know," Kirishima replied kinda loudly.

 I used my hand to cover my tear filled eyes. I felt a smile spread across my face too. He accepted me!

 "Are you okay, Bakugou," he asked.

 I rubbed my eyes with my hand. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm glad that you accept me. Just don't tell the other three," I replied.

 "I won't tell anyone else," he nodded. "Now, can you help me with one of the problems," he asked.

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