Episode 4 (Setting The Stage)

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The field of battle seems to be on the ready, but it had to be expanded thanks to the size of the fighters. As Fusion Gundam tried to come up with a way to handle Manson, once in for all, they were still puzzled about the monster that found them. During that, they walk by an empty station, where they figure they would relax. Oh yea... that monster Redd knocked out followed by. They so noticed something familiar, thanks to the music coming from the location. It was a biker bar, though none of Manson's army was nearby. Curious, they carefully approach the location, but they weren't alone as those two bystanders were also there for some reason.

"Hey Butt-Head, check it out." Beavis said.

"It's those battle-bots." Butt-Head said.

"Say, if there's going to be another fight, I'll bet that guy who pissed them off will..." Beavis said.

"They're hunting for any wussies. They know how to deal with." Butt-Head said.

Soon, some others became to take notice.

"Well, I feel bad for what happen to... wait, look!" Monica said.

"What is it?" Brandy asks.

2brosReact Eric: Where they from?

2brosReact Marc: They were in that episode with a bear and that girl got mistaken for fucking with Clinton.

"Where are they doing here?" Brandy asks.

"Those are those mechas we been hearing about. One of them did a number on those boys." Monica said.

"What did those boys do?" Brandy asks.

"For reason, they pretend they had a chainsaw. If I recount a good friend of me, Melanie, met her end. One of the first, she and her clique were kidnapped and you can guess the rest. I'm talking about the one who's a serious fan of Liverpool F.C., her hometown team." Monica said.

"Oh yeah... I still got a picture." Brandy explained, showing Monica the picture in question.

"That's her!" Monica said, pointing the woman with a tomboy ponytail and holding a peace sign.

Jacksepticeye: Now, we got a name. That Hornet one has her tail colors similar to the Union Jack.

PewDiePie: Which is who under that amour?

Tyrone Magnus: These folks that no clue it's the red one.

2brosReact Eric: I mean, they still have some of the hair color when were on that episode. Check out the ears of wolves.

2brosReact Marc: The tails on all of them also gives a clue. That wolf has one in the style of the Union Jack.

Hellbent: Spoiler! It's the red one!

Nixxom: We're getting somewhere!

"I can still that blow she likely felt." Brandy said.

"I can almost image if she saw her clique in the condition they were left in." Monica said.

"Hey ladies, what's with the sight show?" A women pulled up.

"Oh hey, Whoopi." Brandy said.

"You gotta see this." Monica said.

"I know there's an army of those mechas. They must be on a mission." Whoopi said.

Another group in a distant.

"David, are you seeing this?" Gillian asks.

"What is it?" David asks.

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