Chapter 22- Uhh..oh, Not Again.

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I tried to get up from the bed to start my day when I felt the weight around my waist, keeping me still. There we go again. I tried to lift that hand up, first there was a little resistance and hold became more tight but soon it was little loose again, so I grabbed my chance and got up.

It has been the every morning scenario now to woke up with first thing to have is fight his arm. If you are curious about whom I am speaking then it's Kai Williams, 'my husband'. Geez! It still give me some creep when I say it that way, but I guess it's true and now it's been nearly a month since we're married. So how did I end up waking every morning in the arms of this man who just hates the shit out of me? Well then let's start from what happened one month before.

On the night of our marriage we received this luxurious modern penthouse in the highly luxurious building which was also somehow owed by my luxurious husband overnight as a gift from my father in law. Apparently father thought that it would be better for us to live together in smaller place so we share more time and space together but really someone need to explain me how is this place small!!? I agree it's not as hopelessly large as Kai's mansion but still it's too large for two of us. And I thought that maybe Kai would have some problem to leave his old house behind but it was only me who shed a tear for the room I have been living for less than a month whereas he was happy for finally getting ownership of that building he always wanted. And since it was gift for us all the things were arranged directly by father so that we can move in the same night as we have planned not to go on honeymoon anytime soon because Kai has to deal with new projects and I was lowkey thankful for it. Come on we already kissed twice, I have to be careful about my chastity!! When we both reached there I was totally awestruck at the beauty of our new house. It was beautiful and the night view from the full length glass window was worth it all. After looking around a little we decided to call it night and then did we discovered that every door of every room needs a sperate passcode to grant entry. And even though there were still rooms available the only door that opened was of master bedroom. Kai called father to inquire about it and father said,

"oh! I must have forgotten about it. But that wouldn't be any problem since you guys are already married and ofcourse are going to sleep together right? I will come soon and change that pass code myself, till then forget about those rooms."

And so we were forced to share not only the same house but this time even same room and you wanna know what more then...

" Kai I was thinking will it be-"

"No it's not okay."

"But I haven't even completed."

"I know you just want to ask that will it be fine if you can sleep on couch, it's a clear no. I don't want anyone killing me." he whispered the last part and I smiled remembering my dad, father, Jack and even Mark saying that they will kill him if anything happens to me. He continued,

" And do not accept me to leave this bed all for you and adjust myself on something which is only meant to land my butt comfortably. There is enough room for both of us. We can both sleep comfortably."

Who will tell him that problem isn't the size of bed but it's my habit. Trust me you can build as big bed as you can and even if I slept at the most edge position far away but still my body will just find the living or non living thing beside me and cuddle with it. Now please! I told its a habit and a dangerous one at that. I thought that maybe next day will never arrive in my life if I cuddle this sleeping man but somehow he didn't said anything and we are already habitual to sleep together even though now door are unlocked. We just continued like that.

Apart from sleeping on one bed as a husband nothing else has changed between us. More like he try to cope up with me on daily basis. We don't talk much. I prepare our food like a good wife! We spend our day separate from each other since I have college and he is busy with his own new projects. No kisses and no fake flirting too. Living with him isn't too bad for now since he is busy and doesn't have time to be asshole to me. With that thought I breath out a sigh of relief and went to kitchen to prepare our breakfast.

Few minutes later I was done and I heard footsteps from hall. Soon Kai entered the kitchen fully ready looking sexy as it's most common thing in his life. Now please don't tell me that I can't call a man sexy because I am a man too. Come on if the person in front of you is sexy then they are sexy no matter. He sat down and I arranged plates for both of us and sit down to eat. One more thing that has been happening regularly is that we always at least eat breakfast together. Lunch and dinner skips because he has been working over time lately but breakfast is a daily routine. And if I give it a second thought that he might not be as bad as I thought about him.

We eat in silence till he broke it saying,

"Get ready at 7:00 today."

"Why? Are we going somewhere?" I asked since we haven't gone outside together anywhere after our marriage.

"Yes. There's an important party we need to attend. It's about the end of the project I have been working on. So be ready on time" he explained. That's the longest he has spoke to me recently. It's not like I want to talk to him day and night.

"Ok....I will be ready." I answered and we both continued with our breakfast. I really don't like parties.

I checked myself one more time in the mirror. When I was satisfied that I looked good I went downstairs where kai was already waiting for me. He checked me out shamelessly but really it feels quite strange when he looks like that and is checking me out! As soon as we reached there kai just started introducing me to every person that was coming to talk and then they would continue with their business talks. All along the way I think he has come to habit of either keep lingering his hand around my waist or holding on it. But even I had stopped minding it or at least have tried. What can I do if his touch just keep making me feel weird inside my stomach!?

After a while because I drank too much of juice my kidneys were exited to let me know that they still work well and so I need to use toilet. I excused myself from my husband and went to toilet and just when I was about to go back I met the very familiar face that I don't wanted to meet.

"How have you been Shean? All good? Sorry I wasn't able to attend your wedding since I was busy." said the person. Of course I'm married now so what can he do right? I flashed a smile and said,

"I'm fine. How are you Adam?" and before I knew he closed the distance between us pinning me to the wall and whispered,

"You know smiling like that is dangerous for you don't ya?" I tried to free myself up saying,

"What are you doing? Let me go!"

He didn't even bat an eyelash instead said,

"oh come on! Don't play so hard to get. You have already done it for him right? Why not me then? Just a little is fine."

With that said he started leaning closer, I moved my head right and left unable to move my hands. He moved his one leg in between my legs and leaned more closer to face.

"Don't make any noise. What if they hear you? What will they think he married a slut?"

No!! I tried my best to move away but it seems impossible. I closed my eyes tight and I just prayed for one name. Kai! Please kai!!

Just then I felt Adam begin pulled away from me so I opened my eyes and saw Adam sitting on the floor holding his jaw with blood dropping from his mouth and their was standing a very angry looking Kai in front of him panting. I was terrified with the scene in front of me. But then when Kai turned his face towards me in anger I already knew I was dead. Next thing I knew was begin dragged outside by the iron hold on my hand. He couldn't have misunderstood. This can't be happening with me. Uhh... Oh, Not again!!

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