Chapter 05

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The next day rolled in and Seth walked through the lobby of the hotel and was fondly greeted by the staff. Weird, he thought to himself, as if they already knew who he was. He waited at the elevators and gave appropriate smiles those who waited with him. Seth really didn't enjoy the company of many but he sucked it up anyways. The elevator opened and out came Lara and Kuro who grabbed Seth from the elevator towards a different one, one that was isolated from the rest.

"We use this elevator all the time, not the local ones," Kuro explained.

"Well then why did you guys...?" Seth asked.

"We, like the others, live here in this hotel. Benefits of being in The Order." Lara stated.

"A hotel as rich as this? You all live here?" Seth asked in surprise, "Who the hell pays for all this stuff?"

"There's a system that reapers have where the amount of lives we kill on jobs gets us paid in the Underworld. And the money we make there, allows us to buy items that we bring into the real world. Our money there, when brought here, takes the form of actual currency. With this, we're pretty much richer to our nostrils." Lara explained.

Seth's mouth remained wide open.

"So let me get this right. I've killed a lot of people-"

"No surprise there..." Kuro interrupted.

"... Does that mean I am rich in the Underworld?"

"Just like this world, you have to be immersed in society. There's a governing body in the Underworld, known as the Citadel. Home to the acolytes" Kuro began. Seth clenched his fist as he remembered Alesio. "You have to still get registered as a reaper before you're allowed to use shards, that being the currency."

The elevator reached the top floor and the three stepped out into the suite. On the couch were Owen and Rex having coffee. Rex wore suit pants, white shirt with a black silk tie and suspenders. Owen wore a Chinese robe and enjoyed his homegrown tea.

As he seldom did.

"Ah, Seth. Good morning. I take it you're ready to become a reaper?" Owen asked. Rex gave Seth a cold look while sipping his coffee.

"I'm all for it, I guess. If it'll make me stronger than Ryan... Alessio." Seth clenched his fist at the name.

"We don't do what we do to get revenge on others," Kuro said as he made his way to the kitchen.

"Ah, Kuro, I take it you're off from work today. Do you mind helping me out with Seth?" Owen asked.

Sipping his poured coffee, Kuro nodded. "We'll take my car."


Many had gathered for the funeral of a student, brutally murdered on school grounds.

"Today, we mourn the sad death of our dearest Matthew," the priest went on. Matthew Simmons stood amongst his family and friends as he watched his body be lowered into the ground. He tried to hug his mother and his friends but phased right through them. However, in a sense, he was glad he was not seen. He was missing his jaw and there was still a hole in his eye through his head. Yet even dead, he still cried.

"Let me guess," a voice spoke from behind him and he turned around to find a man wielding a scythe on his back and he wore a black cloak that looked like it was on fire with black flames. The man was accompanied by twelve others who had weapons of different shapes and sizes. All of which were blades of some sorts and one of them had four kinds of daggers. All the twelve wore hooded cloaks and their faces were completely hidden in shadow even during the bright light of day.

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