Chapter 04

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Alesio swung his blade and Seth blocked it with his scythe but the force caused him to drop to his knee. Seth didn't waste time and summoned more of his essence, empowering his scythe to deal more damage.

"How sad, I'm not even trying, Seth," Alesio laughed. Seth leapt towards him and split into three clones but Alesio leapt back and held his scythe forward which let out a blast that hit all three of him. Out of the smoke Seth moved fast and got behind Alesio and swung at an advantage but Alesio vanished and Seth felt a blade enter his side in the ribs. Alesio was behind him and swung Seth off his blade into a street lamp. Seth struggled to stand but couldn't afford to die at this rate. Not here. Alesio walked towards him.

"Seth, we were friends, and to see this – to do this – hurts me."

"Then...then why are you doing this? I will stop killing innocent souls." Seth struggled to say those words in the state he was in.

"There are two kinds of reapers. Wanderers, the ones that kill for fun and hunger. Then there's we acolytes, who make sure fuckers like you don't fuck up in the mortal realm and if they do, we kill them," Alesio held his scythe towards Seth's head, the blade began to glow and Alesio chuckled, "Well, an order is an order."

Before the scythe shot another blast, a different blast came from the side and blew Alesio away. Seth looked to where it came from and walking towards him was Rex. He wore a suit which was shifting from white to black from his legs upwards. He held no scythe but his finger was still smoking from the blast he shot.

"You alright?" He asked Seth, offering his hand.

"What's it look to you?" Seth spat back, guessing who this man was.

Rex's mood changed and he grabbed Seth by his lapels and the two vanished.

Alesio stood up and rubbed his neck, moaning in anger, "You really piss me off, Rex."
Rex stood in front of Seth, his full reaper's cloak fully formed. Seth looked at Alesio then back at Rex, whose scythe appeared in the form of a lance.
And with that, Alesio cut a rift into space and walked into a void of darkness. The rift closed behind him and Rex and Seth could no longer feel his presence. 

Rex walked on and his cloak evaporated, his suit reappearing, "Feel free to follow."


Time passed on and The Order walked around the suite, talking amongst one another. The elevator doors opened and out came Rex, his suit now white. The air became silent from chatter.

"Craig, what were the orders I gave you?" Rex asked.

"What the hell were we supposed to do against an Acolyte?" Craig questioned.

"I would just like to put it out there that I was ready to attack, guns blazing!" Kuro threw in.

Rex shook his head and looked back at the elevator. "Get up."

Seth stood up and walked out from the elevator. Lara's face scowled up and Kuro and Craig felt the same distaste.

"Remember what we spoke about, Seth," Rex said.

Seth eyed everyone in the suite with the foulest look on his face and sighed with his fists clenched. He began to speak with his teeth clenched.

"I am Seth... Hi" Seth moaned angrily, "I would like to join you guys."

"That's not how we rehearsed it," Rex narrowed his gaze at Seth, he then looked at the others with a glare that made a few sighs and complies to greeting Seth.

"Sup, I'm Craig."

"Hey, I am Lara. Just Lara."

"Owen, a pleasure to accept another of our kind."

"Kuro Shounen, that's all you need to know."

"Everyone, can we please be more friendly here?" Owen asked.

"This guy is gonna cause Acolytes everywhere to come to find us. Why don't we kill him like the rest of the Slayers?" Craig argued.

"Rex has his reasons for..." Owen started.

"There's good in him," Rex interrupted, "At least he's not a Slayer."

"Count me out!" Craig rolled his eyes. He and Lara walked to the elevator and left. Rex walked into his room and shut the doors while Kuro stepped out onto the patio and flew off the building. Owen stood looking at Seth. He shrugged.

"I'm really sorry for their behaviour. I guess I will be looking after you for the time being. I hope you get to like us, the others will lighten up." Owen stretched out his hand in kindness and Seth accepted it. He smiled as the two of them shook hands and Owen smiled back.

"So is this all of you?" Seth asked as he looked around the suite at the number of people, admiring the money spent to make it look so luxurious.

"Hahaha, no. There are many of us. Most of which we rescued after they were reaped that now live their immortal lives doing what they were doing before they died." Owen said. Seth nodded and he continued.

"Each of us has our own lives to attend to and even though we're reapers, we balance our time to reaping and living our new lives."

"Wait, so you guys live normal lives still? Even after you've died?" Seth asked.

"Yes. Just because we're dead, doesn't mean we cannot live the lives that we once had?"

"But when people see that you've died, how do you go back to all of that?"

"That, Seth, will be explained to you the more you get acquainted with The Order."

"What do you guys do?"

"There's more to the realm of the dead than you will ever know."

Seth nodded, not sure how he was meant to interpret that. 

"LEAVE MY HOME!" Rex shouted from his room.
Owen grinned and hinted to the elevators where he and Seth left the building.

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