Ryan's birthday

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Ryan was looking at his new locket, studying the writing behind the cyan glass: 'Best friends forever'. Asriel, Chara, Cameron and Mike were wearing lockets from the same collection, but of different colors.

-Well now, put it on!-

Toriel encouraged, but Ryan detected a problem: the chain was so long that the locket will hang on his lower abdomen. After he looked at everybody around with dumb look in his eyes for five more minutes, Alex snapped and just folded the chain so it will be twice shorter. Ryan made an even dumber face and caused everybody to laugh.

-Well, birthday boy, have you chosen what are up to yet?-

Chara asked, rubbing his already messed up hair. At least EVERYBODY gave him a rub on the head already, and he was close to producing static electricity.
Ryan nodded and signed slowly: S-N-O-W-D-I-N, since in the family nobody went further than the sign language alphabet.

-You want to see Snowdin?-

Alex re-asked, mentally preparing himself for what constantly awaited for him in the area- SANS.

-Alright people, get your coats!-

Toriel commanded. The wardrobe in the bedroom was immediately flipped, but the entire squad showed up in the corridor with warm clothes.

-Time for a snowball fight!

Just as planned, there was a snowball fight. Literally the moment they appeared in Snowdin, Ryan made a snowball and set it on Alex's hat, which he for some reason brought with him. Cameron kept mocking him, saying that he wore it because he had a bad hair day. The moment Ryan knocked the hat off, Alex's blond bush showed up. Indeed, he was having a terrible hair day, much to everyone's amusement. Clearly angered, Alex took his revenge, and turned into a snowball machine, successfully burying Ryan in snow, knocking Cameron into snowed bushes and making Asriel run for his life together with Mike and Chara.

-Just because it's your birthday, I still don't give you permission to touch my hat!-

Alex boomed at the youngest human, who in response shot him a snowball into the mouth.

-Now, now, you aren't supposed to hurt each other!-

Toriel was trying to calm them down, but Ryan and Alex got into a snowball war, which Cameron was recording to the camera on his phone.

-This is somewhere between idiotic and cute.-

He grinned. Immediately he had to turn around at Asriel and Chara, who were trying to sneak into the war.

-We've got supporters of our fighters, but which side are they on!?-

He commented loudly. Eventually they only went against them, and it turned into a fight between four of them. Mike was hiding behind Cameron, but they both still received a snowball that knocked them over. While lying in a snow puff and seeking for motivation to get up, the boys heard the snow crunching under someone's feet. Cameron lifted his head to see familiar blue and white sneakers.

-Hi Sans!-

He said, getting up from the snow, but immediately falling again, as his crutches weren't steadily standing in the snow. Mike got up and helped Cameron as well.

-Hey kiddos, havin' a fight?-

Sans asked, looking up at the four that were shooting each other with snowballs. Alex, the moment he noticed Sans, took a good position and with all the strength stored in his muscular hands, rammed a snowball at the skeleton, hitting exactly in his eyesocket. Cameron folded in half from laughter, and Mike had to hold him with all his might to prevent him from collapsing into the snow again.

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