Day 2

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Ten Reasons Not To Die

Day 2- Dancing

                When my mother was a young adult, she was already a prima ballerina. By the age of twenty one, she was already getting lead roles in ballet shows, playing from Clara from the Nutcracker to Juliet of Romeo and Juliet.

                Before my parents died in a traumatic car accident when I was seven, she taught me how to do the basic steps of dancing. And when she died, I didn’t give up. Even though I didn’t have the money to go to dance lessons, I would train myself at home, working on my technique and flexibility.

                I stopped when I was twelve, just because I had given up hope.

                So when Evan asked me earlier today what I’ve always wanted to be, I made the mistake by answering, ‘a dancer’.

                He wouldn’t tell me at first where he was driving me, but I knew immediately when I walked in, and faced the empty stage.

                “You’re going to dance today, just you.” Evan smiled proudly, already dragging me down the aisle to get up the stage.

                My eyes widened, as I shook my head. “You’re not making me go up there. I haven’t danced in four years!”

                Evan chuckled. “Well, it’s never too late to start again, yeah?”

                He gave me one big push, as I stumbled up on that stage. The bright lights shined down on me, making it hard for me to spot Evan on the crowd below. I squinted, raising a hand over my eyes. “Evan, I don’t think this is a good idea.” I said.

                “Come on! Just take off your shoes, and twirl around.” Evan encouraged, making me cross my arms.

                “Let’s just go somewhere else, yeah?” I suggested, as I began to walk down the stairs.

                Before I could, Evan stopped me, as he hopped on the stage himself. He pressed a button on the remote he had on his hand. Immediately, a song began to play from the speakers. The song was had a nice rhythm to it, and it was definitely lyrical. 

                “If you don’t dance anytime soon, I’ll make you.” Evan warned, taking his hand in mine.

                I pursed my lips, as he led me to the middle of the stage.

                “Now, I don’t know much about dancing. But, just follow my lead, okay?” Evan said.

                I hesitantly nodded, feeling a familiar feeling in my stomach. Evan placed two hands by my waist, as I slowly placed my hands around his neck.

                Needless to say, Evan was a horrible dancer. Too many times, he stepped on my foot. I stared up to his eyes, as they sparkled down on my dull ones. His eyes ignited with something that I haven’t seen in so long, hope.

Soon, I began to lose myself to the music. I don’t know when Evan started to let go, but he did. I let myself go as I did multiple turns, something I’ve been practicing for years. As I leapt across that stage with such graceful movement, I saw my mother standing by the stage, watching me with tears in her eyes, tears of joy.

I only realized that I was dancing a solo when the music ended, and I found Evan standing below stage, smiling up at me.

                “That was amazing.” He finally said, making me let out a deep breath of air.

                “That felt so good.” I whispered under my breath, but I knew Evan could still hear me. “I felt like my mom was there with me.”

                “So dancing, it connects you with your mother?” he asked, as I came down the stage, wiping the sweat across my forehead.

                I licked my lips, as Evan stared down at me. “I don’t know.” I muttered.

                Evan gave me a small smile. “Just think about it, Remy. If you performed as well as you did just now, you have a whole future ahead of you.”

                I laughed weakly. “But, I would never have enough money to get classes.”

                “Don’t give up on it, Remy.” He patted my back. “Sometimes, it’s not about the money. It’s about talent. If you love dancing, don’t let go of it.”


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