TWO | twentyfour/seven.

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"you forever in my heart,
I won't forget about you."


I've been so patient and calm with this lady. I've been respectful. I allowed her into my life and was nice as fuck even though I could've made it a living hell for her. "Daddy!" I exclaimed once he answered the phone.

"What's the matter, buttercup?" I guess he sensed the urgency in my voice. "Is there something wrong?" She lucky I called him and not my mom.

"It's going to be if you don't come home and collect your bitch. I'm 'bout to give her what the fuck she been looking for since she got here." I said, completely forgetting who I was on the phone with. "Wack ass bitch. You could never replace my mom." I spat at her before hanging up the phone with my dad.

She look stunned. "You watch that mouth of yours, Avery." I chuckled at her facial expression. She has been poking at me since the day that she got here. Like I was in fucking competition with her. If I was she'd lose every chance I gave her to even compete with me.

"Or what?" I tested her. I really wanted to know because we both know if it ever came down to it, my dad was choosing me over her... every-time. "Stay the fuck out of my way. Don't say a bitch ass thing to me. I promise. I can assure you... this ain't what you want."

She chuckled but I could tell how truly upset she was. "Oh.. now you embrace your... blackness? Getting 'ghetto?'" She air quoted. I furrowed my eyes together. I was confused on something.

"You got something racist you wanna say, Jesse?" I really wanted to hear this. She was sounding bold. She shook her head and went back to what she was doing. I know God working on me because her head would've been in that pot. The hell she was cooking for at 1am, anyways.

I left out of the kitchen and headed to my room. I slammed the door shut and locked the door. I was so upset. I was so close to calling my mom but I really didn't need her catching another charge. I pulled out my phone and decided to call Patience instead.

 I pulled out my phone and decided to call Patience instead

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"Hello?" She answered, groggily. I could tell I had woken her from her sleep.

"Were you sleeping?" I asked her, my voice cracking a little. I hated being away from my mom but my dad had custody of me and there was nothing I could do for the next 7 months. Only good thing is, my dad usually let me spend the summers and some weekends at my mama's house.

"Somebody messing with you? Why you breathing like that? Avery! Are you crying?" If anyone knew me best, it was this bitch. "Hold on, I'm coming to make that drive. Got me fucked up." She mumbled.

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