Paalis na si Matteo papuntang ABS CBN ng marinig niyang may nag doorbell. Laking gulat niya ng makita ang mga magulang. 

"What are you doing here?" Nabiglang tanong nito sa mga magulang.

"We thought we come for a visit. We watched the news in TV patrol involving you and Asher and that Gerald Anderson. Are we wrong in trusting him?" galit na tanong ng mommy ni Matteo.

"I don't know, can you come in first, my goodness. Don't tell me you came all the way here just to ask me that question."

No, we came here to get Asher. Her parents called last night and they want Asher to stay in Cebu with us. They are worried."

"And you think, she will agree with that? I have a strong feeling she won't."

"We have to try. I think they will call her this morning."

Natigilan si Matteo. You are serious? Tita and Tito want her to stay with you? That will complicate things even more."

"Oh well we want to protect her. She doesn't deserve those malicious gossips and rumors those two girls are spreading and the way that Gerald Anderson handle the interview, it did not help. What kind of man is that?"

"Mom, we don't know his side of the story yet. Don't judge him , as far as I know he is a good man. You think Asher will fall in love with him if he is not a great guy?"

"He was not able to protect and defend Asher in that interview. " inis pa ring sabi ng mommy ni Matt.

Tumingin si Matteo sa daddy niya na umiiling iling lang.

"I have to go, you can drop me off Dad and I will call you when I am done or I can take the vehicle and will try to be home as soon as I am done. Which one you prefer?"

"Go ahead and use your vehicle, will call a cab if we have to go out, thanks son. "

Nasa ASAP na si Matteo ay nag iisip pa rin ito. Nagkasalubong sila ni Sam Milby sa hallway at nagkabatian.

'Have you heard from Asher?" tanong ni Sam kay Matteo.

"I tried to call her last night but she was not answering calls I guess."

"I did call her too, texted several times but no reply."

"Don't know man, my parents are in town this morning, found them at my door step. Asher's parents called them to take Asher to Cebu. They are worried." 

"Are you worried that your name will be dragged to this mess too?"

"Am I worried that people will think it's true that Asher is cheating on Gerald? No, I am not. If Gerald believes that, then he doesn't deserve Asher. She is better off without him."

"Me too, he is a good friend of mine but I am not impressed the way he handled that interview. We had dinner Wednesday night, they were happy, can't really understand all of a sudden this rumor of break ups and Asher being dubbed as playgirl and jealous all the time. I thought its the other way around." Naiiling na sabi ni Sam Milby.

Pumasok na sila sa studio. Nakita nila si Gerald na kinakausap ni teacher Georcelle kasama ang bagong kapamilya star na si Jezza.

Sa isang side, nakita din nila si Ray na nakikipag kuwentuhan sa ibang co artists nila.

" Did Asher mention to you about what happened in Cebu?"

"Yap she did, she actually told me she has this gut feeling that Ray is trying to sabotage her relationship with Gerald. 

"And I feel the same. Parang something is weird sa taong yan, I can't pinpoint at this time but I don't trust him." dagdag ni Matteo. 

"What do you say, we find out ourselves? Just for fun and of course for Asher."

Sana Ikaw Na NgaBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!