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Fan cover by @yasha0107


Age: 19

Status: Student

Always having been shy growing up, I look around the drunken college students in panic. Most were already drunk looking, either grinding on someone else or laughing as they drink and talk with friends.

'Go out, Katie. You sit in your room most of the time, reading or watching TV. Don't you want to get the real college experience? It's just one party'. Those words have been nagging at me ever since my roommate Bethany said them a few days ago.

Here I am, trying to prove I'm not as much of a social recluse as she seems to believe, however the longer I stand here, the more I think she is right. I really don't belong here. I'd much prefer to be back in my room finishing off my book.

Walking around, trying to find Bethany to prove I stayed for at least half an hour, I curse myself for ever thinking this was me. I am who I am and this isn't it. I could have finished my book tonight, but no, here I am in a place I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb.

"Hey, you ok?" A deep male voice asked as I passed the stairs. A strong hand cups my elbow, bringing me to a stop. I glance back and stare in a way that I am sure hearts are pulsing in my eyes like a cartoon character. He is at least six two with brown cropped hair, bright green eyes and even has a perfect strong jaw.

Trailing my eyes down, I see the perfect looking body which accompanies his face and suddenly I am feeling even more uncomfortable.

"Fine," I answer, trying to pull away, yet he doesn't let go.

"Come on, Cinderella, you're going to have to lie better than that." He teases, making me look around for an escape.

"Honestly, I am fine," I say again, forcing myself to meet his eye and giving a small nod. He must believe me as he sighs and nods, shrugging before stepping back. I nod once more before taking off again, trying not to look back, yet I can't help myself, seeing him watching me curiously.

Finding Britney at the pool table, hanging to a guy like a limpet, I tap her shoulder, making her look at me in surprise.

"Katie, you're still here. You want a go?" She asks, gesturing to the pool table, yet I merely shake my head.

"I'm going." I merely offer, making her frown.


"No buts, I'll see you tomorrow." I insist, turning and walking away. Pushing my way past people, I eventually push the main door to the house open and stumble outside, sighing in relief when I feel the fresh air hit my lungs.

"Ah, I was right. Cinderella was trying to make her grand escape." A familiar deep voice drawls, making me turn to see the attractive guy leaning over the railing, smoking. He doesn't even look at me, yet is focused on something across the street.

"I'd hardly call it grand." I merely respond before continuing down the steps and walking down the drive.

"Why the rush?" He calls after me. I sigh and turn, looking up at him on the porch.

"Why the curiosity?" I ask, making him smile, looking happy with my response.

"Feistier than you look. Well, what is it? An annoying boyfriend, drunk best friend?" He guesses, making me sigh.

"I was dragged here by guilt. Happy?" I ask, making him nod slightly, glancing back at the house before sighing.

"Not a party fan?"

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