Chapter 10

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                            Mehek marched towards Khanna mansion. She was sad and furious that Shaurya dared to ignore their child and didn't turn up as promised. Blame it on her mood swings or hormones, the level headed Mehek was long gone. She wanted to meet Shaurya and give him a piece of her mind. She pushed the calling bell several times as if punishing it for his misdeeds. Awara opened the door and was surprised to see Mehek. "Mehek Ma'am, how come you are here?", he gulped hard. It angered her further that he didn't allow her in. "Where is Mr Shaurya Khanna? And don't you dare lie to me. I know he is not in his office", Awara knew she was in a foul mood. "Mehek Ma'am, I don't think it will be good to meet him now. I will inform Sir and ask him to come to the penthouse immediately to meet you", he suggested. Mehek growled and started to shout, "Shaurya...Shaurya...Shaurya. I won't leave until you come out". "Ma'am , please lower your voice", Awara tried to control Mehek. "What are you doing here?", Shaurya's voice started both of them.

Awara excused himself while Shaurya pulled her by arm. He tried to move her away from Khanna Mansion. But she wriggled away from his grip. "Why didn't you come, Shaurya?", she spat at him. "I have my reasons", he replied but was constantly looking behind as if he was afraid to be caught. "I need an answer, Shaurya. How could you do this to your child?", she was on verge of tears but still very much angry. "Mehek, I don't have time for this. Even if I couldn't be there, I made arrangements for the payment. Didn't the hospital staff tell you?", he asked coldly. "I don't need your f***ing money", Mehek raised her hand to slap him but he caught it midway. She winced in pain yet she stood tall. While he was struggling to calm her, a soft female voice called out for him, "Shaurya".

A slender figure stood at the entrance door of Khanna mansion. Although she looked pale and weak, she still maintained her elegant stance. She was dressed up in a loose kaftan and her hair was covered in a bandana. "Shaurya, who is she?", she asked softly. Mehek quit struggling but stood confused. Shaurya swiftly left Mehek and ran to her side. "Shruti, why are you here? You should be resting", he tried to take her inside the mansion. 'Shruti', the name sounded familiar to Mehek. During his exile, Shaurya had several times mentioned her as his classy girlfriend whom he had broken up abruptly after his mother's death. Back then whenever Mehek questioned him about his feelings for Shruthi, he never gave clarity but for sure he appeared sad and guilty for abandoning her. Deep down Mehek knew that Shruti was special for him. Shruti slowly pointed at Mehek with her forefinger, "Is she your...". Before she could finish, Nehal also came from inside. She was shocked to see the trio and tried to keep Shruti away, "Shruti Bhabi, please come inside. Let Jethji handle her". Bhabhi?, Mehek was getting more and more puzzled. "Nehal, who is she?", Shruthi asked Nehal then turned to Shaurya, "Why are you not answering, Shaurya?". He raked his hand through his hair in frustration but stayed silent. "She is nobody", Nehal told firmly. It pained Mehek that she was being cast aside and Shaurya didn't even utter a word of protest. "Is it so, Shaurya?", Shruthi sought his approval. When he remained mum, she held her head and swayed. Shaurya was quick to rush to her side. He carried her in his arms and went inside while Mehek was shocked.

"What happened to her?", Mehek was overwhelmed by turn of events and asked Nehal. "Stay away", Nehal sneered at her, preventing her entry to Khanna mansion and Mehek cowered. "Is she ill?", she asked timidly. "Like you care", Nehal snapped but sighed and look a moment to calm herself. "Look, Mehek I may sound judgmental but I have to say this. Shruthi is the one who had Jethji's heart even before women like you started to take advantage of him. They both deserve eachother. Leave them in peace". Mehek was shattered by her words. "Hope you understand the value of true love and don't try to snatch if from him in name of responsibility", Nehal hammered final nail to Mehek's conscience. "Nehal!!!", an elderly voice rebuked her, "We all know that you are close to Shruthi but that doesn't give you rights to intrude into Shaurya's personal life. Go inside". Once Nehal walked inside, he then turned to Mehek and talked mildly, "Please don't mind, Nehal. She still behaves like a child", he quickly introduced himself, "Hi, I am Harish Khanna. Shaurya's father". Mehek tried to smile and folded her hands to greet him. She was about to walk away but he called her, "Beta, wait. I will ask Awara to drop you". She nodded her head mechanically and waited for Awara.

Shaurya was trying hard to focus but he was getting disturbed frequently. Shruti's illness is a big concern but he was worried for Mehek too. He least expected her to gate crash to Khanna mansion and cause havoc. "I asked Awara to drop, Mehek", his father's voice broke his train of thoughts. He nodded. "May be..... it will best if you talk to Mehek. She could have misunderstood the entire scene", he advised. "I don't care what she perceives", Shaurya smirked, "Besides, no matter how bad it is, Mehek will never leave me. She like an adamant dirt which just refuses to leave". Harish sighed, "Don't take her for granted". Once he left, Shauraya tried to get back to work but was disturbed by Awara's phone call. "Shaurya Sir, I had brought Mehek Ma'am to your penthouse". "Idiot, why did take here there? She was staying with her friend. You were supposed to drop her there", he barked at Awara. "I am sorry, Sir. But she asked me to bring her here. I called to inform you that Mehek Ma'am is packing all her stuffs. I think she is planning to leave", he was worried. "I am least bothered. Let her do whatever she wants", Shaurya disconnected the call.

Mehek neatly arranged all her stuffs in her suitcase. Before closing it, she summoned Awara and asked him to check it. Although it was strange, he obeyed. She took out an envelope from her handbag and was about to give it to Aware when Shaurya entered. "So Ms Mehek Sharma has decided to call it quits", he mocked her. Awara left them alone. "Yes, I am leaving", she told him firmly. "May I know how long will I be privileged to have this pleasure?", sarcasm dripped from his words. Mehek closed her suitcase and told nonchalantly, "Forever". She pulled her luggage and came near him, "I have packed only my things. Awara Bhaiya had already checked it", she then gave him the envelope. When he opened, it had a bundle of currencies. "I hope it covers the money you had spent on me and my child", she told haughtily. He was taken aback, still he kept the act, "It was not required", he gave it back, "consider it as reward for the services rendered by you". While he kept his wickedness, a flicker of sadness in her eyes wavered him. Swiftly she managed well to hide it. She pushed the envelope back to him, "Goodbye, Shaurya". She passed him and moved to the door of the bedroom. "Listen clearly, Ms Sharma. If you cross that door, you will never be able to return. Neither you nor your child will have any rights in my life", he threatened. She didn't even falter a bit and moved further.

It was difficult but Mehek managed to reach the main door to exit the penthouse. She hadn't dared to look behind. She was shocked when Shaurya briskly walked before her and blocked the way, "what do you expect, Mehek? Do you think I will beg for your forgiveness? Are you foolish enough to think that I will plead you to stay back?". Tears betrayed her and filled her eyes. Yet she smiled and gestured him to leave her way. "What the matter with you, Mehek? Why are you so bothered now? I have f**ked women when you were still under my roof. I had treated you worse than a door mat. Hell, I used you for my pleasure and threw you out like thrash. Those never mattered to you. Then why today?", he was genuinely curious. She sighed while tears finally spilled on her smooth cheeks, "Becoz I know that Responsibility can never replace Love". She pushed him away and moved out of his home and life.

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