18 | trip

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Kira looks outside the window of Jax's apartment first thing in the morning.

Eleanor is still fast asleep snoring, and Jax is nowhere to be found the moment she woke up. Yesterday haven't been productive, as much as she wants to believe that it is. All they did is talk, and the whole time, Kira is so concentrated into trying to remember things that it just made her head hurt. 

Jax doesn't even know where Emiline is, and neither she and Eleanor knows where to start. The only thing that can bring Emiline back is if Kira remembers.

But that seems so far out of reach as of the moment.

Kira's phone vibrated against her jean pockets and sure enough, her mom's name is flashing through the screen.

"Hey mom," she answers, absentmindedly picking on her bare toenails.

"Hey sweetie," her mom greets, no matter how cheerful she tries to make her voice sound, there's no denying that she's getting worried about Kira, "what time will you be back?"

Kira looks at Eleanor who's still fast asleep on the bed, sighing, she says, "After lunch?"

She hears her mom sigh over the phone, "Aren't you done yet with your business there? What are you two doing there anyway?"

Kira doesn't know what to respond, not even sure how she will respond. Maybe she should be honest, but she isn't sure how her mom would react. Maybe she'd be worried, maybe she'd understand since her mom is fond of Emiline. She knows Emiline like how she knows Kira.

But something in her gut says that she shouldn' tell her mom that she's looking for Emiline.

"I gotta go now mom," she says instead, "I'm gonna be home later this afternoon don't worry. Love you."

She didn't even wait for her mom's reply as she hurriedly ended the call. When she look over at Eleanor, she's already awake.

"She's indirectly asking you to come home, isn't she?" Eleanor asks a bit laughing.

"Yeah," Kira says taking a sear on a chair.

"Shall we?" Eleanor asks tying her hair up in a bun to which Kira shakes her head.

"I still don't want to go," she answers, "I mean, what if today we find Emiline?"

"You know," Eleanors heaves out, "If Emiline wants to be found we would've already found her in the first place. But sometimes, people just don't want to be discovered y'know?"

"But I want my memory back," Kira says, "It's not just about Em, it's about finding what happened to me too."

Eleanor pats her on the shoulders, "As you say so. But I need to get you back home by two in the afternoon."


"Emiline!" Kira shouts for Emiline for the umpteenth time that day, "Emiline stop!"

It's pouring down rain and Kira's white sneakers is already a bad shade of muddy brown, all thanks to Emiline who up until now isn't turning around to face her, "Stop!"

"Go home already Kirs!" Emiline says.

"No I won't!"

The room is spinning, or at least Kira thought it was. There's ringing in her ears and she can't seem to feel her own hands.

"Kira," Jax taps her on the shoulders, "Kira, are you alright? Kira?"

"Kira are you okay?" Eleanor chimes in, "What just happened?"

Kira looks at both Jax and Eleanor, her vision kind of blurred.

"I think I remembered something," she says, "b-but it's so vague."

Jax and Eleanor looked at each other and then back at Kira. They seem to be worried and Eleanor immediately speaks up, "I think we should go home."

Kira seems to be hesitant at first, but she can feel her tiredness eating her up too. She think she needs as much time to think about that memory no matter how small before she can fully understand everything.

She just needs to connect each pieces together.

As far as Kira knows and had collected through her little  flashbacks, Emiline and her seems to be fighting, a lot. And it has something to do with Kira trying so hard to take Emiline back to their town.

Maybe that's the reason why Emiline doesn't want to see her, because she knows that Kira would just plead for her to go home.

Maybe she shouldn't push Emiline too much.

But maybe Emiline should also stop acting like a baby.


When Eleanor pulls up to their driveway, Kira's focus is still trained on the little piece of memory she recovered. 

Her memories so far consists of her and Emiline fighting, and then that's it. Nothing more and nothing less, and to top all of that, all of them are somewhat vague.

Her mother greets them at the front door, looking relieved once she sees Kira emerging from the car. Eleanor bid goodbye for a few moments before squeezing Kira gently in the arms and headed back to her car.

"Did you enjoyed your little trip?" Kira almost scoffed at how her mother had put it. It wouldn't be considered as a trip, if only her mother knows. She just gave her a smile that she wishes is convincig enough for her mother to stop asking questions.

"I'm a little sleepy," she lies before heading straight towards the stairs, up in her room and closing the door before starting to think about everything again, all at once.

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