Rebuilding Berk (Eret X Reader)

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You were outside tending to your garden when it happened. All of the dragons on Berk suddenly flew off toward the sea. At first it was just confusing, then uncertainty bubbled up when you realized that your brother, Hiccup, was still gone with the others. Before you had time to fret, a large man began to bellow from atop Toothless, "your chief, is dead!"

Your stomach twisted all up, and air was sucked harshly into your lungs. Your father was gone. Tears began to brim in your eyes, but you knew this was no time to cry. Dragons of all types, including an ancient Bewilderbeast, began to attack the village. Quickly, you began to evacuate the children.

Running with the crying children, as well as some mothers and pregnant women, you led them to a secret bunker in the woods. You then rushed back to the village to collect more people who were unfit to battle.

Angry vikings swarmed around you, waving axes and maises in the air. Suddenly you were knocked to the side by a massive figure. Just in time, too. Whoever it was held you protectively in their arms as a fireball struck right where you would've been running.

You looked up to find yourself faced with a man you'd never seen before. He spun you around and began to run you in the opposite direction.

"No," you finally found your voice, "I need to go this way."

"You're gonna get yourself killed," the man argued, but you ran off anyways. Rolling his eyes, he raced after you.

With help from the handsome stranger, you were able to get everyone who wasn't fighting to safety. And soon, the battle was over.

Upon the sight of Hiccup, you raced over to him and tackled him into a hug, "I was so worried...when I heard Dad was gone I..I.." You stammered.

"It's okay, (Y/n)," Hiccup assured, holding you just as firmly, "I'm okay."

When you pulled away, your eyes landed on a woman you'd never met before. Hiccup followed your gaze and smiled. Placing an arm around your shoulders, he introduced, "(Y/n), this is our mom."

Needless to say, the moment became very emotional, very quickly. Once you had calmed down and had some time to speak with your mother, you felt a hand on your shoulder. Assuming it was Hiccup, you placed your hand over it and leaned against his side.

However, you quickly pulled away when you realized that this hand was much larger than Hiccup's. You looked to your side to find the strange man from before. His eyes were pointed down at you, an eyebrow raised and a grin on his lips. "Quite affectionate, for someone you just met," he teased.

When he chuckled, you felt your knees weaken and you realized just how attractive this man was. "I'm Eret, son of Eret," he introduced with a dramatic, confident bow.

"(Y/n)," you responded with a small smile.

Eret held out a hand to you, and you hesitantly placed yours in his. To your surprise, he dipped down and planted a gentle kiss on your knuckles. When he stood back up, his gorgeous brown eyes seemed to stare into your soul, "well, it is very nice to meet you."

• • •

"Tuffnut, Ruffnut, that load goes to the Great Hall," you informed the twins as they picked up a large bundle of lumber with their dragon. Now that Hiccup was Chief and Berk needed rebuilding, everyone had their work cut out. And in the past couple of weeks, progress was going great.

Just then, Skullcrusher landed behind you; you'd recognize that low growl anywhere. A small grin formed on your lips, "hello, Eret."

"Good afternoon, miss (Y/n)," Eret responded with a crooked grin. He hopped off of the dragon and walked over to meet you. Placing an arm around you, he looked at the papers you were holding, "how are we looking?"

"Ahead of schedule," you responded, flipping one of the papers over, "thanks to all of the extra talons." You tried your hardest not to flush at his touch. It was no secret that Eret wanted you to be his, even though he never once said it. He didn't need to. You'd been toying with him, though, seeing how long it would take him to formally ask you. Of course, you liked him back, how could you not? Yet teasing him was just too much fun.

But you could wait no longer. You turned to him and laughed suddenly. "What's so funny?" Eret wondered.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down into a kiss. After a moment of shock, Eret closed his eyes and returned the kiss, placing one hand on your lower back and the other on your cheek. When you pulled away, Eret gave you a smirk and joked, "pretty affectionate for someone you just met."

You rolled your eyes and let him go. But before you could turn back to your papers, Eret pulled you back against him by your hand, "get back over here." He dipped you slightly and kissed you again.

The whole village had seen it, but you didn't even care. It was Eret; he made everything into a production. And now that you had decided to let him have you, you knew he'd want everyone to know it. So you melted into the kiss and let the stares, gasps, and cheers commence.


So I ended up liking this so much that I turned it into a full story! It's published on my profile if you wanna check it out!

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