Part 5

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3rd person
"Percy stop being immature" Garth yells over the chaos.
"Don't know how" she yells back
Yep that is it hate me if you want but this is technically an update. Jk
"Can you do anything to stop it" Nightwing  yells.
"I have water powers not lighting if you got us close enough to the sea I might be able to keep us a float till shore but that is it"
Miss Martian nodded and brought the ship down. It got struck by lightning again.
"You know what I have a better idea. You have to trust me. Go straight back to your cave don't look back don't stop. I promise I will go there. Just trust me" Nightwing looks at Aqualad like should we. He nodded.
"Okay fine what are you about to do?"
"Don't worry just open a hatch" miss Martian did that and I jumped out.

Okay now I'm done

Self promoter time I published a new book called Random one shots the first one is already up it is about Wanda and Bucky from marvel MCU. More will be up soon

Okay sorry for short updates this was not supposed to be a big improvement book just an on the side book so that is why it takes so long to update I'm so sorry

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