Chapter 11

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Chapter 11:

"z-zayn?" I asked surprised and fear clear in my voice. I couldn't see a thing except for the outline and eyes of the figure next to me. Not only was I afraid of the dark, but I was freaking out with this gorgeous boy sitting so close too me.

"yes court? Was this supposed to happen?" he asked staring down at me with confusion in his eyes."

"no." I choked out, tears starting to form in my eyes.

Why did the ride stop?! I can't handle these things.

Just then a lady's voice boomed through the tunnel saying "please stay seated, the ride will resume momentarily. Just stay calm and relax."

You're kidding me right!? How the heck are we supposed to stay calm in a situation like this!? Well, zayn sure wasn't having a problem with it because he just slumped in the his seat and rested his head back. Looking completely comfortable.

Breath. Just breath Courtney.

"are you alright?" his voice filled with concern.

"I think so." I said in no more then a whisper.

"it's gonna be okay court. Just relax. Anyway, this will give us a chance to get to know each other better." he smiled and gave me a cheeky wink while putting his arm around my shoulder.

I couldn't help it, I flinched. I just don't trust guys that easily anymore. I was hoping he wouldn't notice it, but i was pretty sure he had.

He looked down at me with questioning eyes as I stared back with a helpless expression. I just couldn't help it. His fingers started drawing soothing circles on me bare upper arm, making me shiver unwillingly.

I gulped. Pretty loudly actually as he leaned in towards me leaving our faces only centimeters apart.

No, I said to myself. This can't happen.

I slowly pulled my body slightly away from his, making him stiffen in confusion.

I'm sorry. I'm not letting a guy affect me like this. Not again. Plus, this was even worse. Zayn has a girlfriend.

"how about we play 20 questions?" zayn asked nervously.

Why is he nervous?

"umm how about we ask 5 each. 20 is too long." I stated. Well it was the truth.

"okay, I'll go first." he replied. "what's your favorite color?"

"blue." I said starting to actually relax a little bit. It was really easy to get along with zayn.

"wow, mine too." he smiled at me. "your turn."

"ummm what's your favorite song to preform at your concerts?" I asked.

"up all night. Definitely." he said grinning and staring off to the side like he was remembering something that had happen. "ummm what's your favorite song of ours."

"everything about you." I told him with a goofy smile plastered on my face. "why don't you talk a lot?" I asked, actually very interested in what his answer would be.

He chuckled. "I talk around you don't I?" he asked.

"well yeah, but when it's all of us, you're silent." I replied.

"maybe it's because I like being around you, and you alone." he whispered sexily in my ear. The warmth of his breath on my neck made it tingle.

I took in a sharp breath, and felt my face heat up as I scooted away from him once again. First, it's a good thing it was dark so he couldn't see me blush, and second I hadn't even noticed he had come closer to me.

"it's your turn" I said trying to change the subject. My stomach was doing flips.

"why do you get do nervous around me?" he asked having a sexy smirk on his beautiful face.

"nervous? I'm not nervous." I said a little too quickly. Smooth court.

He gave me a look mumbling "yeah right" under his breath and then said "your turn."

"what's your biggest fear?" I asked. I don't particularly know why, it just popped into my head.

"easy, water. I can't swim." he told me.

"what!?" I yelled as my mouth dropped. "I'm teaching you how to swim!" I told him, and gave him the look saying 'I am and you can't do anything about it'.

He just laughed and said "looking forward to it." which made me smile.

"your turn, and make it good since its your last question." I told him.

"fine. Why do you move away from me every time I get near you, and brush it off when I flirt with you?" he asked suddenly becoming very serious.

I looked down pitifully at my hands in my lap saying "it's a long story, and I don't really like to talk about. Ever since something happened, I don't trust guys that easily."

"you don't have to tell me now court, but will you tell me later? Whatever happened, you can trust me. Whatever a guy did to you, I would never do. You need to know that." he said looking pasionately at me.

All I could do was say "thanks" and smile slightly at him. "and it's my turn. So, why did you say you didn't have a girlfriend earlier when everyone says you do?"

He looked over at me and stared right into my eyes saying "I will tell you, when you tell me the answer to my question earlier." he smiled. "deal?"

"deal. How about we talk about it tonight?" I asked unsure myself.

"okay, can't wait" he replied.

I didn't respond because I had just noticed how far he had scooted towards me during that whole conversation. I was right against the side of the car and his body was only inches away from mine on the other side.

Following my eyes, he looked down at the space between us and quickly got rid of it. His body warmth I could feel through my jeans as he threw his arm around my shoulder once more and started to lean in towards me. He was looking deeply into my eyes with intensity as I just stared back.

He was closing the space between us quickly as his eyes glanced down towards my lips and started to close his eyes.

He was so close. And getting closer.

His hot breath on my lips smelt like vanilla. Actually his whole body smelt like the wonderful scent.

His lips not even a centimeter from mine.

Then all of a sudden the car rushed forward in sudden speed, and the rude started where it left off.

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