2018: Chapter 14

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As I continued to kiss Liam I got wrapped up in the moment. His hands began to snake around my waist and then...

"Clarissa!!" Nick shouted, causing me to immediately pull away. I looked at him, his expression FUMING with anger. "Oh Nick! Sorry about that are the twins ready?" I asked. Nick growled. "I'm not letting the twins near you if he's there" he replied, obviously referring to Liam. I rolled my eyes. "Well we're getting married so tough shit, Jonas" I said. Liam gently squeezed my hand, as Nick continued to yell. "Well fine!! Then I'm suing for full custody because I'm not allowing HIM around OUR children" Nick said, starting to storm off. I was PISSED. "Well I'm suing you for full custody because I don't want our kids around Priyanka!" I shouted. He stopped in his tracks. He glared at me. "For the past two weeks Priyanka acted like a mother to them. So don't you DARE say that to me"

Why was he getting so defensive all of a sudden? "I RAISED THOSE KIDS WITHOUT YOU FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS! YOU NEED TO LEARN WHEN TO FUCKING SAY THE RIGHT SHIT!" I yelled. I was shocked. What the hell has gotten into him. I heard the kids whimpering in the backseat. My mom instincts kicked in and I opened the car door to get them home. "Come on babies we're going home" I said. "No. Stay in the car" Nick ordered. I glared at him. "It's MY week with the kids. Back the fuck off before I call the police" I said, getting the kids into Liam's car. Mason and Kehlanhi were clinging to each other as Nick and I went back and forth in a screaming match. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS CLARISSA!" Nick shouted. My jaw clenched. "Watch me" I said and got in the car with Liam. We drove away from the hospital. My blood pressure was through the roof. I was beyond pissed off at Nick. Suing for full custody because of my fiancé? Oh please, two can play at that game.

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