Dare- Pitch, Vikklan, WoofASF Part 2

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They were almost motionless, their chests rising and falling painfully slowly the only signs of life. I smiled to myself, they were both in an incredibly deep sleep and wouldn't be waking anytime soon, so Preston and I could talk freely without worrying about waking them up.

I yawned, settling down again.

"Tired babe?"

"A little, yeah." He smiled.

"Get some sleep then, hopefully you'll be ready to go this afternoon."


Preston managed to drag me to the convention at around 2 o'clock after I had woken up barely half an hour before. I wasn't as tired as I had been this morning but I was still struggling to remain functional and appear that I was awake and concentrating.

Rob was still asleep, no surprise there. Jerome had moved him off his chest and was instead resting his boyfriends head on his lap, playing around with his phone and massaging his hand over his scalp. He wasn't paying much attention to what was going on and he still looked exhausted, in no shape to go.

Vikk and Lachlan were both awake and drowsy, but conscious and probably more functional than me. They both agreed to come to the convention that afternoon and Preston tweeted that, saying that two thirds of the Pack would be there about half past 2.

We didn't have a booth or a convention so once we were there were kind of just hung out around some of the booth's we knew so the fans knew where to find us. We met a lot of new people and some of the fans who had been there the day before too, and it was nice.

But then there was one person. Just one person who ruined the whole day for us.

Lachlan and Vikk were talking to a young fan who had given us some super cute drawings of us and were talking to them about giving the ones of Jerome and Rob to them when we got home. She was bright at happy, until someone barged into her from behind and caused her to stumble right into Vikk, knocking both of them over.

"Oh, sorry..." I turned around to see Vikk and the girl sprawled on the ground and an older lady standing behind them, the one who had given them the very sarcastic sorry. Vikk looked completely bewildered and Lachlan went in to help the girl and his boyfriend up, only to be knocked over by the same lady.

"Oops, sorryyyyy" She said, dragging out the last syllable. She looked the furthest thing from sorry I could think of, in fact she looked proud of herself.

I could feel the anger building inside me, who was this bitch who decided she could intrude on us, interrupting the girl who had been so passionate when talking to us and now looked mortified, bright red and the tips of her ears flushed with embarrassment.

"Lady would you leave? You're being a bitch." Preston spat, and I startled. Preston rarely ever swore and even then it was normally not very serious swear words, ones that kids would say and no one would blink an eye like shoot, damn, stuff like that.

"I'm not doing anything?" She said, pretending to be innocent and placing one hand on her hip. She looked like middle aged mother with like 4 kids who was about to ask to see the manager.

Lachlan, Vikk and the girl were now back on their feet and we were just about to move on when the girl cried out, pushing the lady back. She had been standing on her drawings and had been digging her heel into the paper, staining them with mud and dirt. She looked like she wanted to burst into tears, cradling her ruined drawings in her arms.

The look on her face almost made me snap.

"You bitch!" I yelled, Preston wrapping his arms around my waist to stop me from running at her. "You've ruined her drawings! Do you have any idea how much effort that took?" She rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on, they aren't even that good." I felt the anger from the other Pack members, the sadness in the girls' eyes and the way her lip trembled, fingering the pages held in her hands.

"Preston." I hissed. "Call security or I swear I will punch her and I'd rather not get arrested."

I was holding myself back and I could tell Vikk was too, he was squeezing his fists and clenching his teeth, keeping himself occupied by moving the young fan away, closely followed by Lachlan. The lady followed by them with her eyes but didn't follow them, instead leaning back, scowling, with both hands on her hips.

It was only a few seconds before the security was by my side, leading her away kicking and screaming, proclaiming her innocence and how it was all our fault.

"You right Mitch?" I sighed and nodded, letting him pull me close and I rested my head on his shoulder. I took a few minutes to let my anger fade and Preston rocked a little from side to side, comforting me.

When I pulled away and turned around I saw Lachlan and Vikk talking to the girl, who was clearly still mourning the loss of her drawings, which had actually been pretty fricken cool if I do say so, at least before the lady had to be such a bitch.

"Do you want to keep them? We'll still take them if you want and not all of them are ruined." She shook her head.

"I think I'll keep them, try to get the mud off maybe."

We all gave her hugs to say goodbye and then decided to leave, most of the convention had cleared out and there wasn't many people left, and we were still pissed off. I had got a text from Jerome saying that he was getting takeout for dinner, Rob was awake but neither of them could be bothered cooking and if we could be home in half an hour there would be food.

"Tired now Mitch?" Preston asked as we climbed into the back seat of the car. Lachlan was driving.

"Yeah. Still a little pissed I guess." He smiled and patted his shoulder, letting me rest my head there. Vikk yawned from up in the front seat, giggling.

"My god, we're all useless!" He laughed. "We need to get more rest at night, honestly." Lachlan snickered, rolling his eyes.

"You might be less tired if you stopped working and slept sometimes." I heard Vikk's sarcastic snort and I knew what Lachlan was saying was true, Vikk rarely slept because he was working so much.

"Well I think we'll all sleep tonight, I just hope Rob's not sick cause then he and Jerome 'ill never sleep." There was a general consensus of yeah, that wouldn't be good but when we got home we found that Rob actually was sick... with a cold. He had a cold. That was it.

I honestly wanted to slap him because he had us all so worried, but he was completely fine if not a little uncomfortable. We spent the rest of the evening eating, talking and laughing together and just trying to forget about the day that had happened.

"You right?" I asked Preston, who was dropping off with one arm on my stomach.

"Hmmm? Yeah 'm fine, just tired." He sighed, yawning. "Maybe sometime we can do the kissing contest again and make sure we can claim the title this time." I looked over at Jerome and Rob, who had clearly won the last time.

"Maybe we can win right now." I whispered, rolling over so I was on my stomach and lying on top of him. I leaned down and captured his lips, kissing his fiercely and passionately in a way that definitely wasn't PG and had a lot more than just kissing behind us.

Preston smirked.

"You're a dickhead Mitch." He whispered, biting down on my earlobe. "You're so going to regret that."

"Oh I know I am." I smirked, kissing him again. "I know."

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