Dare- Pitch, Vikklan, WoofASF Part 2

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Mitch's P.O.V.

I nestled myself into Preston's side, sighing happily as he ran his hand through my hair. Everyone was exhausted and the living room was silent because everyone else was either asleep or on the verge of falling asleep and no one was paying attention to the movie that was playing.

Preston hummed gently and I giggled, squeezing his waist. It was the morning of the second day of the convention and no one wanted to get up because we were all so exhausted from the day before that everyone was like sloths, barely moving.

Rob was fast asleep, curled up on Jerome's chest and he looked so exhausted that I was seriously considering letting him not go to the convention that day because he looked so bad. Jerome was running his hand though his boyfriends hair, looking a lot more tired than yesterday.

"Did you not sleep well?" I mumbled in Jerome's direction, not even wanting to lift my head off Preston's chest. Jerome nodded tiredly.

"Rob was up all night, he wasn't feeling well. I'm not letting him go today and I'll be staying too." I nodded, knowing that it was for the best that they stayed behind.

Vikk and Lachlan were both awake, but barely. Jerome had had to drag them downstairs an hour earlier but they still refused to get up really, they didn't want anything to eat, they didn't want to do anything really and I knew they wouldn't want to go to the convention. Both of them were curled up together, blinking slowly.

"Pressy?" I mumbled, looking up at him. "Should we go? Everyone else is probably gonna stay here." He thought for a second.

"If you don't wanna go then we won't but we'll do a little Twitter video to tell everyone where we are." I nodded and Preston shuffled a little bit, moving around and pushing me gently off his chest, trying to find his phone. Jerome watched, running his fingers up and down Rob's back.

Preston pulled out his phone from underneath him and opened Twitter, ready to make a short video.

"Hey everyone, as you can tell, I'm being a little quieter than usual because behind me some of the others are asleep. It's... just past 9 but because Rob's ill-" He turned the camera to Rob and Jerome, "we won't be coming to the convention today. Mitch and I might come later in the afternoon but as far as we know we're just going to take the day off."

I took the phone and pointed the camera at Vikk and Lachlan, who hadn't stirred.

"These two hardly slept last night, I heard them talking about 3am so I think they'll be sleeping all day and..." I pointed it at Rob, "Rob was sick and Jerome stayed up with him all night so neither of them got much sleep and Preston and I are just tired so we might show up later, maybe not, we dunno."

Preston took his phone back and turned it back to face the two of us, me with my head resting in my shoulder and Preston with his arm tucked tightly around my waist.

"Sorry to disappoint you guys, I know some of you couldn't come yesterday and you were so looking forward to seeing us but we can't help it. Mitch and I might come in the afternoon but I doubt any of the others will be up to it, so I'm sorry." He gave the camera a smile. "See ya later!"

He posted the video to his Twitter and then placed his phone back down, opening his arms for me again.

"Come 'ere." He mumbled and I grinned, crawling back to him and letting him hug me close.

When I looked around I saw that Jerome and Rob were in much the same position, Rob still fast asleep and not looking like he was going to wake up any time soon. Lachlan and Vikk were now asleep, curled up tightly together and so peaceful that for a second I actually thought they weren't breathing, but they were.

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