Chapter 3

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Samuel's POV

So yeah.

Good news is, I didn't lose my fingers. Bad news is, I have to go to school with the bruises.

To my NEW school. And that makes it all worse. Back at my old school, people didn't really care how I came to school after the first few times. Yeah some teachers were concerned in the beginning but when I refused to say anything they left it there.

Now, I have no idea how the other people will react. I don't know if the 'cool people' will see my bruises as weakness and decide to bully me or not. I don't know if there are people nice enough to be my friends.

You see, I'm not a social person and most of the time I prefer being alone with just books. But sometimes, sometimes I wish somebody was there for me. To have somebody who picked me up after the beatings and would assure me that everything will be alright. I've never had that someone but I wish I did. It's hard to be alone.

Now standing in front of my new school, I'm scared. I can feel my hands shaking more than usual and it's not just from the cold.

Students are walking past me and sending me looks. They're curious and a bit cautious too. Most of the students - especially males - were unbelievably buff. And tall. And attractive. The females were not too far behind. Sure, they weren't as buff as the boys but they were beautiful and tall. They were all over my slender 5'5 frame.

At least they weren't sending me full on glares because I'm afraid the boys could squash me with a finger.

A bell rang and the students that were still outside started making their way towards the school. I figured that I should probably go inside too.

Luckily for me, the office was right to the left from the front doors so I didn't have to search the whole school for it.

After getting the necessary papers and books, I started the search for the right classroom. I had decided to worry about my locker later.

It took me about ten minutes to understand the map of the school I had gotten and another two to realise that I was on the other side of the school from where I was supposed to be.

In total it took me about twenty minutes to reach my classroom and even though I could see the number on the door I was still afraid of entering the wrong room.

So, pulling myself together, I knocked - still very timidly, no matter how much I tried to boost myself up - on the door and slowly, very slowly opened the door. The door screeched and I realised that the class was awfully quiet which made the whole thing even more awkward for me.

I peeked in and saw that everyone in the room was staring at me, some curiously, some seemingly bored out of their mind.

The teacher - a surprisingly handsome man who made me once again question about why the hell are there so many gorgeous people here - smiles at me and opened the door wider for me to step in.

"Hello! You must be the new student! Samuel, am I right?"

I flinched a bit at the name and hoped no one saw it but the teacher squinted his eyes just a bit and a look of confusion crossed his face but it was gone in the next moment and replaced with a warm welcoming smile. Why does he have such white teeth? And so straight? Why? Just why?! It seemed that everyone in this school were perfect which means that I will stick out like a sore thumb even more than I thought.

I nodded my head and the teacher closed the door behind me, turning towards the class.

"Everyone! This is our new student Samuel and I know you will make him feel welcome here. Now, Samuel why don't you go and take a seat next to Alexis? Oh and my name is mr.Green, alright?"

A girl who I presumed was Alexis waved me over and she looked to be a bubbly person. She had strikingly green eyes and pointy ears that reminded me of elves.

I sat down and took the necessary things out of my bag, placing them neatly on the table. The things were in a neat stack, nicely parallel with the desk's edge. What can I say, sometimes I had a major case of OCD, other times not so much.

I observed the classroom and the people in it and wasn't really surprised to discover that some students couldn't be less bothered by the teacher and continued chatting with their peers or just scrolling on their phones. It was disrespectful towards the teacher but I didn't want to draw any more attention to my person than I already had so I kept quiet.

I turned to look at the elven looking girl beside me and saw that she was practically bouncing in her seat. She had a large smile on her face and I could see that she had perfectly white teeth just like everyone else I had met here.

Her black hair was in a bun on top of her head and it was quite funny to see the bun flopping up and down as she apparently couldn't steady herself.

I was quite sure my eyes were as wide as saucers by this point which was probably why she started giggling.

She slapped a hand over her mouth to muffle herself and took deep breaths to calm down.

After a few intakes she removed her hand and I could see that she was still smiling though not as big as before.

"Hi, sorry about that, I just got excited a bit."

Yeah, a bit.

"I think we should be friends, don't you think?"

S-she wants to be friends Me, Sammy, a nerdy and feminine looking boy?

But hey, what could be the harm in that?

"S-sure." I blushed.

I've always been a shy kid and even the thought of talking with strangers made me shiver.

"Aww, you're so cute! Do you mind if I call you Sammy?"

I could feel my face burning as I shook my head. I looked down and smiled as I played with my fingers.

My first actual friend!

"By the way, did I mention my name? I'm Alexis Slade."

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