The Badass Alpha ch1

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               (Jennifer's pov)


        After running trough the forest until I got close enough to the airport, I finally realized that I didn't have any clothes on. I walked a few more minutes deciding what I was going to do, but then I saw a small cottage. As I got closer I could make out the small features. It had a blue, triangular rooftop and a square bottom. The bottom had two windows, and a front and back door. Please let this house have clothes, I thought as I walked up the stairs I sniffed to see if anybody was home. There wasn't. Excellent! I tried the door knob first and it was locked. O well at least I know how to pick a lock. I took a the beret I had in my hair out and put it in the keyhole. With one hard twist I heard the door unlock. Works every time. I twisted the knob and stepped inside. I glanced around to find everything white. White walls, white carpets, white stairs; at that last thought I remembered what I was here for. As I headed for the stairs I noticed that there were three rooms: one white bathroom, and two white bedrooms. I headed into the closest one first. I made my way to what I think is a closet. JACKPOT, I thought as I opened the door to see clothes on racks and folded up on the shelves. It took all but two minutes to realize that these clothes suck an annoying teachers ass! All there were in here were granny jeans, shirts way to big for me, and underwear that my dead great grandmother wouldn't even wear! Uuuhhhhgggg I guess these will have to do. I grabbed a pair of granny pants, over sized white shirt, and these hideous panties. Then I went to search for scissors. I found them in about 5 minutes and set to work.

      The minutes latter I had on short cut-off shorts and a thong that I cut out. A shirt that came to my belly button that you could totally see my boobs through!. A pair of plain white flip flops! Thank god I found them or else I would've had to walk to the airport with no shoes on and I doubt they would have let me in if I did. I called the airport about five minutes ago and my flight leaves in about TEN MINUTES!!!! Shit! I rushed out the door not bothering to put up the mess I made and ran.

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